Teacher Life


After going to college for nearly 6 years (yup, I was one of those super SUPER seniors) I became a teacher.  I am going to take you on a little journey of my teacher life that lasted three years.

Let me start by explaining how I landed my first job, but with this story you need a little bit of a back story.  Justin and I were planning to get married in July of 2011, so I had in my mind that I would secure my first teaching job before our wedding.  Little did I know that in Michigan many schools do not hire until LATE August (seems like they would like to be more prepared, but I guess it works out for them).  I’m sure you can see where I am going with this and you are most likely correct – I did NOT land my first job, not even an interview, but at least I was marrying my man and got to take a trip to Vegas with him to celebrate.

Fast forward to August 2011 and still jobless for me, well I guess that is not true.  I worked at a daycare and was offered an interim infant room lead teacher position (not exactly a teaching job, but I was working with kids). The director was dreadful and told me (I am not exaggerating) “This is probably you’re first real job.”  Um, no I had worked in daycare since I was 18-years-old, come on lady!  Many people were quitting who had been there for several years due to the fact that this director was not the friendliest.

Moving on, since I did not want to get stuck in the daycare life (no offense, I really liked working in daycare, just not this one and I really wanted to teach in an elementary school).  I would go home on my lunch breaks, get up before work and stay up late searching for a classroom teaching job.  I applied to Craigslist teaching jobs, searched and applied for any and all Charter schools, sent my resume to schools that did not even have jobs available – I was desperate.

After applying to what felt like 100’s of jobs, I finally started getting a few interviews.  I remember one interview that I had where I had to teach a lesson in front of the hiring staff.  I did a math lesson where the students would taste test Better Made chips and develop graphs from the results (fun right?!), I thought I LANDED this job, but NOPE no call back.  I was loosing hope.  I called my sister Kari balling my eyes out expressing my NEED to be a classroom teacher and literally had to turn off any back-to-school commercials as they would make me incredibly depressed that I was not going “back-to-school”.

Then a call came that changed my life.  I went to an inner city Charter school interview and they offered me the job on-site!  I did not care how much money they were going to offer, I was just exhilarated that I was going to be a Kindergarten teacher and have my very own classroom.  Little did I know what the school was like – that is a different story, I will get into that later in another post.

So only after a year (or less than) I decided to part ways and interview with another school.  I went to this interview with a year of experience and determined to teach at a different school (like I said, I will get into that at a later date).  Did I mention that I was 6 months pregnant when I interviewed for school B?  The interview went without a hitch, other than me mentioning that I was pregnant and the principal and the dean laughing at me (as if they couldn’t tell).  I got a call later that day offering me the job, yay!

I taught at this school, which was a Charter school in an affluent area (opposite from the first school).  The staff, teachers, and administration was AMAZING.  I spent that next 2 years learning a whole lot and developing my teaching skills.

I decided to leave the classroom in order to raise my two babies and allow Justin to focus on his career.  I miss being a classroom teacher, but know I will be back in the classroom one day.

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