Hello! I’m Kelsey.  I am a stay-at-home mom to three wonderful children.  I am also working on my graduate degree in curriculum and instruction at Michigan State University.  I enjoy dressing my kids up, tutoring, being around people, reading, the SAHM life and spending time outdoors (except for in the cold winter Michigan months).A5VkOBdHBBi6zHeZ_iFNKHImmF2_PkS8URIUy5WJQXA,w4HoDHtePjUW_M-PwsIkKGcfMlUML-wgJ1D_6LxV7DI,e4BgKfTjIZsDE7ZdVkjI8zCWqEQj5bth29RWijMqI4E

My husband Justin and I got married in July 2011.  We met at Central Michigan University (Fire Up Chips!).  Justin works for the state of Michigan as an analyst.  He enjoys fishing, camping, and of course being around family and friends.46427_10200638909209533_1471732327_n

I taught Y5’s/Kindergarten for three years.  I loved being a teacher!  During my time as a teacher, I learned a great deal about little minds and met some wonderful people.  I plan to go back to work when the kids are a bit older.

Emersyn is our little teenager, she is a sassy one!  She has been the light of our lives since the moment we found out she was coming!  She enjoys dancing, tutu’s, purses, anything Disney, and her  brothers.


Lincoln joined our family in May 2014.  This little man was born with a head of hair that makes people stop and ask if we put a wig on him! This little man is car obsessed.  This dude keeps us on our toes through his health and fun loving spirit.  He has taught me the true meaning of a mama’s boy.IMG_3340

London is the newest addition to the Padgett fam.  He has been smiling since he arrived (and so have we 🙂 ).  This little guy arrived in March and shares a birthday with his Papa. He makes us 3 for 3 in babies with a full head of hair that cause conversations with strangers in public.  He is so loved by his big sister and brother.   We have truly been blessed with the best. baby. ever.Sneak Peek 1.jpg

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  1. Stephanie Kirsch says:

    Great for you Kelsey. I never regretted the time spent at home with my two children. They grow so quickly. And another thing, life happens especially when you are home. Your house is lived in, not a museum, that is what my mother told me when I would have a moment of “perfection”. Best wishes on your new adventure. Stephanie

    Liked by 1 person

    1. KPadgett says:

      Thank you Stephanie! My mom says basically the same thing, she says she would be worried if my house was spotless because my time would not be spent with the kids. Thank you for your support!


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