To My Princess On Her First Day Of Preschool

To My Princess on her first day of preschool:

I can not believe we have come to this point in OUR lives, the moment when we send you off to school.  It seems like just yesterday we were being rushed back to the Operating Room and seeing your bright eyes for the very first time.  You have always been a girl of wonder and many words, your questions never cease.  You have already taught us how to love like we never believed was possible and how to raise a kind and helpful little princess.

As a teacher I have to admit wondering what the big deal was as kindergarten parents left the classroom on the first day of school, now I understand.  I also have to admit that I would shutter when parents decided to stick around for a few minutes just to make sure their child was “okay”.  I now realize that it was not necessarily for the child, it was for the parents.  As daddy and I drop you off tomorrow morning, I am going to be “that” parent who made me cringe.  I will be sticking around not to make sure you’re okay, but to hold onto my baby just a few minutes longer.  I am not one to shed a tear, but tomorrow I am sure I will.  You will no longer be with me full time ever again as your journey through school begins and will go forth {heck, I’m still in school!}.

This is just the beginning for all of us.  The journey through this crazy thing we call life.  You are going to meet friends that will come and go.  Ones that will hurt you and ones that will teach you life long lessons.  You will learn how to manage your social life and how to make the grades {mama was not very good at the grades part ;)}.  Stand tall, stand up for what you believe in and don’t let the “cool kids” get the best of you. You will meet your best friend, learn how to get along with people who may have different beliefs, values and some that are darn hard to make happy. You will have struggles that will get you down and make you feel like the entire world is against you.

Know that daddy and I are learning as you grow, we grow too.  You are our first baby, our only little princess and first to go off to school.  We are learning daily just like you.  Unfortunately we may make some mistakes, please be patient with us, as we will be with you.

Em, we love you so much.  We are so happy to be on this crazy journey with you.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t.  ALWAYS be kind to others no matter who or what they stand for.  Allow yourself to make mistakes {daddy and I have made a few} Just know that no matter what, we are here for you. Oh yes, and allow yourself to HAVE FUN! You have already taught us how to love like we never believed was possible and how to raise a kind and helpful little princess.

Tomorrow, September 13, 2016 marks the beginning of an amazing journey for all of us.  Who knows one day you may be a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher – the future is yours little princess!

Love always,


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