Fabulous Finds {A FEW of my FAVORITE finds}

If you are following me on Instagram {and you should ;)} you are able to see some of the fabulous outfits, accessories and other “finds” that well, I have found.  Lately I have been lovin’ supporting small shops, such as ones represented on Etsy or other small business websites.

The great thing about these companies is that you get to communicate with the actual person who is producing your product.  I have asked for specific changes or an idea that I have in my head to be developed by them – how cool is that?!  Another amazing thing about these small shops is that they have a passion for their product.  They put their heart and soul into these products and I LOVE to support that.

I will share with you a FEW of my current favorite finds…

The Vintage Honey Shop

Since I am a 100% nursing mama, I was in the market for one of those trendy nursing/teething necklaces.  I have searched and searched for one that was the right price, style and works for my babe and me.  Well look no further friends, I have found it!  The Vintage Honey Shop produces a product that truly keeps baby happy when nursing or busy when on the go.  The necklaces are made out of designer cotton fabric {and might I add they have some amazingly cute patterns}, organic wood beads and rings and the wood is not treated.

These necklaces are what’s up for the nursing or teething baby.  No more scratches from my precious babe, he grabs right on to the ring – win win!*Oh and did I mention that if you use the code >>London15<< you will get a sweet discount?!

The Stitched Co.

I am in love with original pieces or ones that you don’t see every other child wearing at the park {not that I don’t enjoy those too} so I sought out to find some cute items to add to my kids’ wardrobes.  One small shop that I have found makes cute, affordable and trendy clothes is The Stitched Co.  The owner is a stay at home mom, like myself, who has made a name for herself by creating quality clothes.*And AHHHH another discount code for you! Use >>Padgett10<< at checkout.

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