Red, White, and Blue {Fashionable Finds To Rep America}

I have never been that type who wears the traditional flag shirts on Memorial Day, Labor day, or 4th of July, so finding outfits to show my support and patriotic spirit have always been a little more challenging.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being an American and showing my loyalty BUT I try to be thrifty yet fashionable when doing so.

Here is what we wore for the 4th of July 2016…

This year I went with an outfit from Gap and Old Navy {kept it pretty simple as usual}.  I wore blue and white shorts for Gap with a navy shirt from Old Navy.  I did not want to buy something that I would only wear on one of the noted holidays, but something that could be worn all summer no matter the day or occasion.


My 3 {almost 4} year old’s outfit came from one of the cutest brands Jelly The Pug.  I am OBSESSED with this brand and get extremely excited every time Zulily features it.  Again, I hate buying outfits that can only be worn on select days, so I try to find ones that fit with the holiday but can also be worn throughout the season.  It includes red, white and blue, but is not over board.  She decided to top it off with the sweetest little fedora from Gap, it matched and kept the sun out of her face.  What a darling look!



My 2 year old little man wore a graphic tee from Royal + Reese.  This is one of my new found FAVE shops.  The screen printed shirt reads “I should run for president” and I could not agree more!  I actually found this shirt by following RoyalandReese on Instagram.   His plaid shorts are from Gap and tied in the red, white, and blue.  This little man turned heads and the shirt was a definite conversation starter.


Dressing my kids and myself {but especially my kids} is like a hobby to me.  I love to support small shops, local businesses, and find great deals. These kids are only going to allow me to dress them for so long, so I am taking full advantage! What did you wear to show your patriotic spirit?  Comment and tell my readers your fantastic finds!

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