Instagram Brand Repping {What It Means and Why I Am Involved}

As a Stay-At-Home-Mom I have come to find out that I truly need hobbies and an outlet other than just spending 24/7 with my kids.  I realized at the very beginning of my SAHM journey that my working mom pace was much different.  I have taken up a few various hobbies {I like to call these “nap time hobbies”} during the past 2 years as a stay-at-home-mom and will continue to try new things.  My newest hobby is blogging on Instagram {AKA brand repping}.

So what is this brand repping thing that people are posting about on Instagram?  I have newly discovered it and I am LOVING it (and most likely annoying my followers with the abundance of posts I make each day).  I have always enjoyed finding clothes for my children that are from small shops such as Etsy, dressing them you could say has been a hobby in itself.  Brand repping in a nutshell is advertisement on social media.

How I got into it…

As I was nursing my new baby boy, I was noticing posts beyond posts of babies that I knew with the hashtag “brandrep” or something to that extent.  It became clear to me that these mama’s were some how using the clothes and products that they love to post about  on Instagram.

What’s the point?

The point of this whole thing is pretty simple, it is a way for businesses (mostly small businesses) to advertise their products through consumers.  Small shops, many who are ones on Etsy also have social media sights, such as Instagram where they engage many of their clients by simply posting pictures of their products.

Why I enjoy it…

I enjoy it for a few reasons.  The first reason is I am able to get ideas and find new shops with great products for my children.  I also enjoy sharing the things that we use or the cute clothes that I find and share them with whoever is following me.  Connections have also been made between other moms and myself who are engaged in brand repping.  We communicated back and forth via direct message on Instagram sharing our stories, daily struggles and encouraging each other.

So far my kids have become brand enthusiasts for a few stores and the newest Padgett babe has been featured on Facebook and Instagram in one of my fave outfits. I can offer a great discount for The Stitched Co. by being an enthusiast.  Use code Padgett10 at checkout and get 10% off!

Emersyn is thrilled to be a part of @tutus_for_bear_bottoms **********************#brandenthusiast #tutus #tutusandbearbottoms #model #childmodel #diva #babygirl #bigbows #etsy #shopsmall #smallshops #blogger #blogmom #mommyblogger
Emersyn is a brand enthusiast for Tutus For Bear Bottoms. 


We are SO excited to be a part of the @stitchedil team! **********************Check them out @stitchedil **********************
#trendybaby #brandrep #stitchedil #londondaniel #emersynpadgett #lincolnpadgett #babymodels #igkids #igkids #ig_kids #shopsmall
London, Emersyn, and Lincoln are brand enthusiasts for The Stitched Co.  You can receive a 10% discount by using Padgett10 at check out 🙂



{Hello} to 2 month old Mr. London 💙 (a few days late)*
Thank you @littleeastthreads for the great deal on @veryjane 💙
#gerberbaby #babyboy #blogger #blogmom #momarazzi #hellofromtheotherside #londondaniel  #veryjane #brandrepsearch #brandrepenthusiast #brandrep #babymodel #babiesofinstagram #sleepybaby #babyfashion #cutebabyboy #igdaily #instagramdaily #likeforlike #irepglitterandmud #stitchedcobr
This was London’s “Take Home Outfit” but was too big until he was about 2 months old.  It was purchased on from Little East Threads.  They featured this picture on Facebook and Instagram.
I am excited to share the products that I love and this new hobby of mine.  Please follow me on the blog’s Instagram at: Padgettwithpassion
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