Please Keep It to Yourself – Comments and Advice Moms Don’t Care to Hear

In light of being 25 weeks pregnant and it being “hump day”, I thought I would share this blog from a few months ago.

Padgett With Passion

You make the announcement, the glorious news that you are expecting.  Such an exciting time for all involved.  You post it on Facebook, tell all of your family and friends- everyone is so happy for you.  Literally the moment you tell others (or sometimes even before), the advice and the comments start pouring in.

IMG_8388I am NOT a perfect mom.  I do NOT know everything.  I do have experience in being an educator, working at daycare, and personal experience from having two littles, but still do not know EVERYTHING.  When Justin and I became parents, even with my previous experience, I did not know first-hand what to expect while pregnant, birthing a child or actually taking care of a human 24/7.  I wanted advice and still do, but it’s just some advice that is just not so helpful and even a bit irritating that I have heard along the way.

I have reached out…

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