Expect the Unexpected- Our First Hospital Stay {My son’s healthcare journey}

I realize that many of you are anxious to know the end of the story, I am sorry to break it to you but there is so much to the story that it will take a few Mondays in order to tell it all.

Here is a bit more to the story…IMG_1676

As we rode in the ambulance to our local hospital (Sparrow), a fear came over me, “What did I do wrong?” {I know, I know, some things just happen and it is out of our control}.  I was so worried that in my short period of being a mom maybe I had done something to make this occur {worst feeling IN THE WORLD}.

We arrived at Sparrow, I was on the gurney as my 10-month-old son laid his head on my chest still very lethargic and “out of it”.  The medical team wheeled us into a room where nurses asked me to relive the traumatic experience that I had already began to block from my mind.  I tried my hardest to explain what happened to my little man when he was suppose to be tucked peacefully in his bed.  The nurse asked if he had been sick, hit his head, or had a fever – my answer was, “not that I know of.” to all of the above.  I wished he had a fever so this would have been explainable.

At this point I felt so alone.  My husband was most likely at home pacing the floors waiting for the arrival of my parents so that he could be with our son and myself at the hospital. I kept tearing up thinking that my baby was never going to be “normal” again.

Doctors and nurses continually came in to check the vitals of our little man – high blood pressure, heart rate, but other than that he just acted tired and “out of it”.  It was then time for the nurses to draw blood, I KNEW I would NOT be able to handle this part, tonight had already been traumatic enough.  I politely asked if the nurses would allow me to leave the room as they held him down and took what they needed.  It was then I left my son and sat in the bathroom down the hall.  I could hear him through the hallway and walls screaming and crying.  I felt awful that I was not there for him, yet knew I would only make it worse.  I sat on the toilet crying…

It was now around 1 AM and we were still unaware of what the doctors were going to decide, what happened to our baby, or what was going to happen in the future.  My husband arrived just in time for the doctor to come in and tell us what he felt the blood sample showed.  He explained to us that it indicated a Grand Mal seizure and that we would be staying the night on the pediatric unit.  I told my husband that it was okay for him to return home to take care of our then 2-year-old and relieve my parents, she was still throwing up {best night ever, right?!}.

We got wheeled to a room and I have to say I felt relieved that we were at the hospital.  I felt like if something happened we were already here.  Even with that since of relief, I could not sleep.  Nightmares of the horrific event kept running through my head.  I was also nervous that something might occur during the night and this could be the last time I could hold my little buddy….it was a long night needles to say.

The next morning a new set of nurses arrived and went over what would be happening.  The nurse we had that morning was {this is nicely put} a horrible, heartless person.  She explained to me that it was no big deal and I was over reacting, UMMMM SORRY WHAT?!  She said that they would probably be sending us home and tears rolled down my face, I did not want to go home where there were  no doctors or nurses to help.

Just then a doctor arrived, a neurologist actually.  They explained that the brain {especially a baby’s brain} is so quickly developing and sometimes these things happen and never happen again.  She let me know that it was NOT a Febrile Seizure {a seizure that occurs due to a high fever} and that we would start by having an EEG {a test on the brain} and go from there.

IMG_1671We basically waited ALL DAY for the EEG.  We spent the day walking around the children’s unit with Lincoln being pulled around in a wagon, making trips to the playroom – basically just trying to keep the little guy occupied {it is HARD to keep a baby who is crawling occupied in a hospital room!}.

FINALLY they came to take us for the EEG.  If anyone has ever had an EEG you know how long it takes to put the little probes on. Now imagine that on a 10-month-old who has been poked and prodded with little sleep…that’s how well it when AND they wanted him to sleep during half of the actual test…

After the EEG they decided to discharge Lincoln with the strict instructions to follow up with his pediatrician.  I was TERRIFIED to go home.  As we sat in the lobby waiting for my husband to pick us up I began to sob.  I did NOT want to go home where my baby may have another episode, we were leaving with no answers.

As you may imagine, I would not leave Lincoln’s side in the hours following at home.  As he napped, I stayed by his room.  I slept with him at night {either on the floor next to his bed or held him in my arms}.  I also spent most business hours on the phone harassing the doctor’s office being an advocate for my son in order to get in quickly with the specialists that were suggested to visit as soon as possible.  We did see Lincoln’s doctor the following day after leaving the hospital and she suggested that he may have a seizure disorder or it could be an isolated incident {we needed to see many other doctors in order to determine}.

Events, doctors appointments, and tests were in our near future and we had no idea of the outcome at this point.

Keep following for the rest of the story!

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  1. midgi2ken@aol.com says:

    Oh Kelsey. I can’t believe how emotional this was. OMG

    Sent from my iPad



    1. KPadgett says:

      It was very hard to talk about and continues to be difficult to talk about. It does help that we have a wonderful team of doctors in place finally and we have a found a few answers. The little guy is doing well!


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