Diary of The Third {A few of my favorite things}

imageI am now 19 weeks, 20ish to go with a C-section scheduled about a week prior to my due date.

In this 19th week and my 3rd pregnancy, I wanted to share a collection of my favorite things that I have discovered over the past few pregnancies that make me more comfortable, feed my cravings, or just put a smile on my face.

Nordstrom One-Button Fuzzy Fleece Wrap Cardigan

imageThis is one of my all time FAVORITE cardigans – pregnant or not!  It comes in all sorts of colors {mine is the Heather Dark Purple}.  Comfortable and loose for those days you just feel huge, but also stylish!  It is a light cover-up, but great to throw on when you need a little warmth.  Like I mentioned, it is not truly for pregnancy, but works great to go over a baby bump, post maternity, easy access while nursing, or just for an every day wear.

Cravings Gourmet Popcorn

imageThis is an amazing popcorn store that we have locally but can be found in many places around Michigan, also available for online orders! If you are lucky enough to have a store near you, you can sample away. They have awesome little cups that you can fill up with each flavor and try before you buy. The people who work in the store will give you a run down of which ones are the top selling.  A plus to this popcorn is its gluten free and peanut free.  It comes in both sweet {meets my cravings} and salty {perfect for my husband}.


If you do not have a Netflix membership, you NEED to get one!  I do not usually have time to catch shows while they are broadcasted or stay tuned to a series, but with Netflix I am able to watch an entire series, view movies or just find a documentary that seems interesting at the time.

A few shows that I have tuned into during this pregnancy have been:

The Business of Being Born – I have actually watched this with each pregnancy {before and after} It is a great way to learn information and see others’ stories.

Last Man Standing – A hilarious sitcom that still continues to create new episodes, but you can find many seasons a catch up {Absolutely NOTHING to do with pregnancy or babies, just perfect for a good laugh}.

Dance Moms –  Season 6 is coming to Lifetime, but you can view season one episodes right on Netflix {learn how NOT to act as a mother as well as be entertained}.

Honeywell Cool Moisture Humidifier

imageWhile testing this product, I have fallen in love with it!  Being sick with even a simple cold during pregnancy is the worst, so with this I am able to moisturize my family room and the best part is I can hardly hear it!  Another great feature to this product is it is not hot so can be in a room right on the floor even when little hands become curious and touch it.

Preggie Pop Drops

imageThis some how have helped me through two of my pregnancies {I didn’t discover them with my first}.  The flavors are pretty tasty and basically taste like candy.  They helped relieve my nausea and let’s face it, no one has time to feel sick especially with kids to take care of at home so these are a perfect quick and natural fix!

imageThese are just a few of my top favorite things that I have discovered over the past three pregnancies.  What products do you love during pregnancy?  Have you tried any of these products out?  What are your thoughts?

Thanks for stopping by!


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