Expect the Unexpected {My Son’s Healthcare Scare Journey}

IMG_1560This is a series that I will be starting to post {or try my hardest to post} once a week {fingers crossed they will be posted on Mondays} until my son’s story is complete.

*I do not usually post when my kids are sick, the purpose is in no way a cry for people to feel sorry for me, my son or my family. This series took a while for me to even start due to the frustration and anxiety the whole ordeal made me feel.  It was not until recent that I have been able to speak on this issue without crying.  If you read through this and have any thoughts or suggestions, please feel free to offer them. 

When you are pregnant you are offered testing to check for abnormalities in hopes that if something is “wrong” you can “prepare”.  I am not quite sure what you can really “prepare” for?  I know you could get a little information about the symptoms and maybe set aside some money, but in all reality parents have to “prepare” to expect the unexpected…

Lincoln’s healthcare scare all started back in April of 2015 when he was about 10 months old.  It was basically a normal day and evening, he was a bit winey as I looked back, but basically normal.  We had friends over for dinner, Lincoln nursed and was put down in bed for the night {or until he work up for his next feeding ;)}.

I had a plan to have a VERY relaxing night; poured a glass of wine and started to draw myself a bath.  I started to undress and get into the bath when I heard my 3-year-old {who was supposed to be sleeping} crying.  I quickly threw my a t-shirt on and some ugly PJ pants and went into see what was the matter.  Oh MY, I knew even before I switched on the light.  The aroma of vomit filled the air {I HATE vomit}.  I called for my husband to take on the clean-up duty {I deal with poo and he deals with vomit. fair trade right?} as got her undressed and put her into MY relaxing bath {I am a mom of 2, and I really expected a night of relaxation?!}.

I got my daughter all tucked into my bed when all of the sudden a SCREAM came from my 10-month-old son’s room.  The thought of “OH MY GOSH ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! ANOTHER KID THROWING UP?!”  I opened the door and switched on the light, but did not see or smell any vomit.  He was literally screaming, eyes shut and the rest is kind of blurry for me to explain but I just knew SOMETHING was wrong.  I scooped him up and his body went limp and rigid, but his eyes were open.  He was staring off into space, but unresponsive to any stimulation.  I ran with him down the stairs screaming for my husband telling him to call 911.

The next 10 minutes are fuzzy, but I do know that he was lifeless, unresponsive and his body was limp {mimicking a seizure}.  He did not appear to be breathing but would take deep breaths every 15 seconds or so.  I also know that my husband thought he was going to die {as did I} or a vegetable for the remainder of his life.  When the paramedics arrived, Lincoln {my son} seemed a little more “with it” but VERY lethargic and still taking those gasps of air every 15 seconds or so.IMG_1662

That was the night we got our first ride in an ambulance, first time to call 911, and this all happened when it was suppose to be a VERY relaxing night….{remember I was wearing a t-shirt (NO BRA) and ugly PJ pants}.

To be continued…

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