The Nightmare Before Disney

I tucked our Disney vaca excitement away for a few months to focus on our new addition news and honestly it just seemed so far way that I was growing way too anxious to think about it.image

That was until I had a NIGHTMARE about our Disney vacation…

To quickly sum it up {and for the mere fact that I can not remember every detail from the dream other than it was HORRIBLE} it went like this:

  1. We missed the Magic Hours {extra park hours that you receive from staying at a Disney resort}.
  2. My husband never got our Magic Bands sent to us, so we were not able to use the Fast Passes that we reserved.
  3. My dad {he and my mom are coming with us :)} did not want to stay at the park and some how convinced us that we all needed to leave right after lunch.
  4. We forgot to ride the Little Mermaid ride until after we left the park and were not able to return to ride it.
  5. Since we were convinced to leave the park early, we didn’t get to see the firework show at the end of the night.
  6. I forgot EVERYTHING that I had bought ahead of time {I have put aside shirts, princess dresses, Disney trinkets, glow sticks, etc.}.

Our trip starts in 25 days and after this nightmare I started to pack {yup, I am the crazy lady who is packing a month out!}  We WILL have a magical trip as planned and ignore the nightmare of a trip that I dreamt about.  It WILL be magical, we WILL go on ALL of the rides and attractions that we planned on, I WILL pack and prepare as planned, and if someone wants to leave the park our hotel will be close for them to do so :).  image

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  1. says:

    You will have a great trip! Those are the kind of crazy dreams I have…perhaps because I am a worrier!

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    1. KPadgett says:

      I worry all of the time. As soon as I’m packed hopefully no more bad dreams!


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