The Diary of the Third – 16 weeks Pregnant {24ish to go!}

imageHappy Hump Day!

Baby P #3 and I had a doctors appointment on Monday.  We are both looking GREAT and I even managed to gain a pound or two {which is a strange victory for most people} for me this is an encouraging thing since I lost about 10 LBS with the first two kiddos in the 1st trimester {Maybe I have gotten the hang of this the 3rd time around}.  We are working together to find a few medications to make me feel a bit better {I am in the 2nd trimester so hopefully there is relief soon!}

imageIf you are trying to guess at home what Baby P #3 is…

So are we!  My opinion changes frequently but this week I feel like its a boy.  I really don’t have any science or those silly old wives tales to back up my theory, nevertheless I think its a boy for today.

Old Wives Tales {Maybe these will help you make an educated guess}

Bump high or low….Low = BOY

Moody or Pleasant…Moody {I’m sure my husband can attest to this :)} = GIRL

Wedding ring swing- Circle or Back & Forth {this one is strange because on different sites it says the opposite?}…Circle = GIRL

Morning Sickness (or should I say ALL DAY SICKNESS) or Feeling Good…All Day Sickness for me! = GIRL

Baby’s Heartrate Above or Below 140…Above (157 at 16 weeks and 162 a month ago) = GIRL

Craving Sweet or Salty…Sweet = Girl

These are just a few of the “tests” that will help predict what gender you will have {provides fun and why not?}.  For now, this is what we have but in a few weeks {about a month} we will know what clothes to keep and which ones to sell ;)!

This past week Baby P #3 has ventured to a few places…

The Pumpkin Farmimage

“Helped” me out with a TON of grad school homework {learning early!}

A “No Carve Pumpkin” Decorating Party

Shopping {We picked up a few BOY and a few GIRL outfits for the summer on sale}

Out to dinner with my best friends in a place we wished we still lived!image

Did I mention that baby is active and I am starting to really feel him or her?!

What is your prediction?  Did you know with your kids what you were having?

Thanks for stopping by!


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