Diary of the 3rd – 15 Weeks, Feeling Miserable, Keeping Busy & Preparing (Yup, already!)

15 weeks, going by way too fast, still feeling like I am stuck between the WORST hangover of my life and a terrible, NEVER ending flu bug! (hence why I am a day late on this post, SORRY!)

This past week was BUSY as usual…

On Friday baby C joined my mom and I at a Painting With A Twist party in celebration and memory of a wonderful women who lost her battle to cancer 3 years ago.  What a fantastic way to celebrate an amazing women!


Saturday baby C attended a wedding shower for one of my college friends.image

Baby C also got to attend a GORGEOUS fall wedding!image

Many people have asked us what gender we would prefer…

My answer to that is a girl.  I am not going to lie, switching things up a bit after a boy would be fun (although I have to say, having a little boy who snuggles more than my little girl EVER has.  I also had a TON of clothes for Emersyn that I would LOVE to reuse (she literally wore most of her outfits oneish times).  Justin would also prefer a girl for the 3rd.  His reasoning is logical – he doesn’t want Emersyn to be left out if we have a boy because he figures the two boys would be best friends and involved in a lot of the same things.  BUT either a boy or a girl, we will be excited and thrilled to add another to the Padgett family.  We also are EXTREMELY excited about the girl name that we have picked out (sorry not sharing 🙂 )  Emersyn has a name though, “Peto” 😉

My favorite place to buy maternity clothes…

This time around is PINK BLUSH, great prices and cute clothes!  I have found that they have a dress for all points within your pregnancy and they do not make you look a though you are wearing a tent.

How I am preparing for baby C this early in the game…

Well since our house has only 3 bedrooms, we have already redone Emersyn’s room to accommodate Lincoln when the baby arrives and he/she no longer sleeps in our room (which I will share with you all soon, it is basically AWESOME!).  I also am going through the CRAZY amounts of bins filled with clothes preparing to sell or donate the opposing gender.

Thanks for stopping by!


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