The Diary of the 3rd – How I Broke The Big News

I am going to TRY to set Wednesday as my day to post about baby news (unless something REALLY exciting happens and I can’t wait to share).

I have to back up a bit in order to share with you the details I have been hiding for the past 14 weeks.

It all started on the morning of July 28th…

I kind of knew what the test would read before I even took one.  I was only one day late, but had not been feeling well, a lingering hung-over feeling for about 2 weeks (and I hadn’t had a drink).

I packed up the 3 kids (one that I watch for a friend), hopped in the Chrysler Town & Country and headed to Walmart (my first choice would’ve been Target, but it was too early in the morning).  I loaded the kids up in the mega cart (which they LOVED), got a few necessities, a pack of pregnancy tests and headed home.  It was not surprising what the test read – two lines clear as day – two red lines meaning +Positive+

I did not want to tell Justin yet due to the fact that he had a sleep study that night (no worries, he is just fine he was just having a hard time sleeping).  I have to say I was a bit nervous to tell him – not because I thought he’d be upset just because it was the 3rd child, I was even in a bit shock (even though I shouldn’t have been).  The next 24ish hours were really tough, I wanted so badly for him to share in the excitement but didn’t want to alter the results of the sleep study (a 3rd baby on the brain would light up the EEG results!)

I waited until July 29th to share the exciting news with him and here is how it was done…

Justin LOVES Buffalo Wild Wings and craft beers – so what a better way to tell him than to add those favs to the mix.

I got a 6-pack of beer and removed one (put it in the fridge so it was nice and cold 🙂 ) so that there was a 5-pack (get it – 5 members of the family 🙂 ).

IMG_3477I put the test inside a Zip-Loc baggie and put it right in the wing box (two great things when he opened the box 😉 ).

He came home and it was all out on the table.  He stopped in his tracks as he saw his fav items for dinner and knew something was up.  I got really nervous and kind of just blurted it out.  He said he kind-of-knew and literally sat in a chair for about 15 minutes in a state of excitement and shock.

All in all, it was a great way to tell the soon-to-be father of three!

Thanks for stopping by!


I left it all on the table

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  1. Love the idea 😄 Congratulations to all of you !


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