The Diary of the 3rd – My Sweet Pea at 6 Weeks (I am further along by now)

Picture from my Thebump app at 6 weeks

I am six weeks pregnant today (you will be reading this when I am more than six weeks, I can’t tell you yet).  According to The Bump App. on my phone, my baby is the size of sweet pea.  I am not sure why it is always food that the correlation is made, but hey it works and I don’t mind calling my babe a sweet pea this week.

The fatigue is almost unbearable, I am literally having a hard time keeping my eyes open during the day.  I am not sure if it is the fact that Lincoln is still working on weaning off nursing at night (he is all done during the day), having two active kiddos, a lack of Diet Coke (I was drinking about 2 a day whoops), or the pregnancy itself – I have a feeling that it is most likely all three combined.  I have felt hung-over for the past month or so, a lingering “illness” that at times made me feel as though I won’t be able to get through the day.  The crazy hung-over/all day flu has not hit yet (fingers crossed it will not be as bad as the past two pregnancies).

This being be third and final pregnancy, I am feeling many emotions that I know will change throughout the next 7 1/2 months.  I am excited because anyone who knows me or has ever known me, knows that I have always wanted a big family. I am also excited because its a new member to our family – how exciting is that?!  I am nervous because we are living in a different area which means a different set of doctors and not the same hospital that we had our first two.  I am also nervous to add a 3rd to the bunch, but hey I usually have three during the day (I watch another baby during the week) and I get by just fine.  I am worried about completing my Master’s courses due to upcoming all-day sickness from this little miracle and with the due date in the spring, completing my winter courses with having a little nugget before the end of the courses.

I am looking forward to finding out if this little sweet pea will be.  At this point Emersyn says it is going to be a baby boy and a baby sister (she may be confused).  I am feeling more along the lines of a boy.  Justin thinks it’s a girl, I guess we will all be surprised in a few months.

We have just told a few people who are very close to us at this point (6 weeks).  We are all very excited and feel extremely blessed that we will be welcoming another sweet pea into the Padgett family in late March/early April.

Thanks for stopping by!


How did you feel in the beginning of your pregnancies?  Was the first different from your second or third?

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