Puke-Cation 2015

Life has been a bit busy, hence the lack of posts in the past few weeks.  I hope to get you all caught up through the next few weeks (I will not disappoint with surprises and fun life events within the past month or

Two weeks ago this Wednesday my two kids and I ventured off to California to see my sister, brother-in-law, and nieces.  We were SO looking forward to this trip.  I had reached out to friends, my sister, and blog posts with the hopes of a pleasant plane ride to start and end the trip off without a hitch (that was my main and only concern for this trip).  Little did I know what we would be bringing along with us…

My wonderful husband booked our tickets and decided that leaving Detroit Metro Airport at 6:30 AM which in turn means we need to leave our house in Lansing, MI no later than 3 AM (oh so much fun with two little kids) but we made it on the plane with no tears!

The plane ride was actually very smooth – Lincoln sat on my lap most of the trip and Emersyn was busy with her LeapPad and uddles of snacks that I graciously packed.  The plane was not full so luckily there was an extra seat next to me where Lincoln could sit like a big boy solo for a short period of time.

Planes arrived on time and we made it to sunny California!  My brother-in-law basically had the best timing EVER.  Literally as soon as we picked up our luggage from the belt and made it outside, he pulled up.  No one had to wait!  Loaded up the back hatch and away we went for our two hour trip from LAX to the Air force base.

After about 2 hours of car travel, we made it to the base.  Now once we arrived on base, my brother-in-law informed me that it takes about 15 minutes to get to their house.  I was enjoying learning about the different buildings on the base and just as we were passing my niece’s day care center a strange smell filled the car.  I hesitated to turn around because I knew that smell oh too well.  I turned around slowly and sure enough Lincoln sitting in a bit of a stunned state had puke all down his front.  Emersyn immediately started gagging due to the smell so we quickly rolled down the window and told her not to look.  We made it to their house 2 minutes later and removed Emersyn from the car.  Jeremy literally took the entire car seat, Lincoln still strapped in and placed it in the  bathtub.  All cleaned up and seemed as good as new!  He played and went to bed without anymore puking – I thought maybe all of the traveling, higher elevation, too many snacks on the plane.  *I would like to add that the puke clean-up is Justin’s job, not mine.  Without him in California with us, I had to do it!

The 4 cousins played that night and had a fantastic time.  Emersyn had the opportunity to have a sleepover with her cousins in their bedroom.  I have to say I was a bit nervous for whatever reason, she sleeps in her own room at home so I am not sure what gave me that strange feeling in my stomach (mom intuition?).  She slept in her cousin’s room and seemed just perfect.

It was not until about 3 AM California time did I hear crying, I knew who it was.  My first thought was that she woke up and didn’t know where she was, but then I saw her with my brother-in-law…

Yup, you guessed it, she was puking in the bathroom.  I learned quickly that she had vomited all over her bed, great more vomit to clean up and another sick kid.  She continued to puke for about another hour while we watched Dumbo on the couch.  Finally falling asleep and off in dreamland until the morning.

We woke up and everyone seemed happy and the puke-cation seemed to be behind us.  Until we made it home after lunch and She just seemed “out of it”.  I insisted a nap to be the next order of action in which she did happily.  It was not until after nap, yup you guessed it, the puking began AGAIN!  All over the kitchen floor and continuing through the late afternoon in a bowl (which may I add she was scared of?)  She kept saying “I not want that bowl!”  “Get that thing away from me!”  I think the whole thing was that if the bowl was around that meant that she was going to have to puke?

The next day again the puke-cation seemed to be behind us, in fact we two WHOLE days passed without any inkling of it returning until…my poor niece let us know on the way to the San Diego zoo that she felt sick and would rather stay back from the zoo (what a smart and amazing 5-year-old right?!)  We left her with my brother-in-law and headed to the zoo.  Later we were informed that she got sick a few times and we could now determine that this was not a case of the travels, but a case of the flu AKA puke-cation 2015.

Not only did 3 of the 4 kids get sick, but my brother-in-law also was blessed with this epidemic that we so gracefully brought to sunny Cali (poor guy witnessed all of these episodes).

Although it was deemed puke-cation 2015, we had a great time in California!  On the bright side, only 5 of the 8 people ended up with the virus 🙂

~Thanks for stopping by~


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