The Little Fleet

unnamedWhile in Traverse City during Labor Day weekend, we decided to eat lunch at The Little Fleet.  This is basically a stationary food truck dining area that has 7 food trucks (at least when we visited) of different types of cuisine.  It was a perfect spot for our little family (Em enjoyed playing in the rocks on the ground), it was outdoors and they served adult beverages.

littleJustin and I LOVE beef brisket and we were able to fulfill our taste buds at The Anchor Station (the meals were large enough to share with our kiddos).  The prices aligned with those restaurants in Traverse City (a little on the pricier side), but in my opinion it was well worth it.

the little fleetThe entire experience was great, not only did Justin and I get what we wanted, but our friends who we went with, also got exactly what they wanted with really only going to one place.  Sometimes it is hard to make all happy, especially if you are dealing with 4 adults and 4 kids!

The Little Fleet would be a perfect place for a date (day or night) or for a family dining experience like we experienced.  I wanted to share this little gem in Traverse City so if you are ever there you can enjoy too!

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    Thanks for sharing !

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    1. KPadgett says:

      Thank you! It was such a unique place.


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