It’s Crockpot Season!

1344548586678_1735693Justin and I have a “rule” that we do not use the crockpot during the warm summer months.  We both agree that a pot roast or really anything hearty that is typically cooked in a crockpot is not so appetizing when it is 80 degrees out.

The rule is: No crockpot from Memorial Day until Labor Day

Well, guess what!?  Labor Day was Monday, so its crockpot season it is!

Now I LOVE using the crockpot to make a meal (especially when I was working).  I still love the convenience of using the crockpot even though I stay at home with my kids.  I can literally set it and forget it (allowing more time for me to spend with my kids, hence why I stay home), and the plus side my house smells pretty delicious as it cooks.  I do find it pretty essential to have the crockpot liners so the clean-up is just as easy as the meal prep.

My first meal in the crockpot was SUPER easy and basically NO mess (score one for me!).  I made shredded Mexican chicken tacos, yummy!

1304032744472_859736Shredded Mexican Chicken

4-6 Frozen or unthawed chicken breasts

2 cups of salsa (pick your favorite style, we like mild)

Dash of salt and pepper

Half of an onion diced

tsp. of garlic powder

1/4 tsp. of chili powder (I don’t like things very spicy, add more if you do 😉 )

1 tablespoon of ground Cayenne pepper

Let cook on high for 5 hours or on low for 8 hours (or until chicken is “fall apart”).  Use tongs or a fork to shred after chicken is fully cooked.

*Put on nacho chips or make into a taco.

Not exactly what you would call a hearty meal, but perfect for the end of the summer/beginning of the fall time of year.  Happy crockpot season!

i-wish-i-could-put-my-laundry-in-the-crockpot-that-way-it-would-be-done-when-i-woke-up-bb140What recipes do you find as your “go-to’s” in the fall?  What kind of silly rules do you have when it comes to cooking?

Thanks for stopping by!


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