It Won’t Be Like This For Long – My Weekend Epiphany

545495_10101072066003148_376208364_nLet me preface this post with a warning: This one is a sappy one, filled with plenty of emotion and reminiscing.

On Saturday I had the joy of playing with my two TODDLERS (yes, I have two toddlers now) while my dad and Justin spent the better part of the morning (into the afternoon) fishing at my parents house.  I have to admit that since I am a stay-at-home mom and spend basically 24/7 with my kids, I feel like on the weekends I deserve a little break or even just a second set of hands and some adult interaction, but I am a nice wife and allow Justin to spend many of his summer weekends fishing (I will make up for it in the winter 🙂 ).

My parents have a room that Em referrers to as the “playroom”, it is filled with toys and beds (a dual purpose). Em, Link and I started our Saturday off there.  I was AMAZED by my kids, let me tell you why – for the first time they both played without needing me to hold them, nurse, or really interact at all with them.  I literally laid on the bed and watched them play (lazy mom, but I was having so much fun just watching them play).  A thought came to my mind, my kids are growing up so fast and soon they will be hanging out with friends, in school fulltime – not interested in spending time with their mom in Grandma and Grandpa’s basement playing with doll houses.

After this epiphany, my whole attitude changed, not that I was unhappy with my kids, but I was taking for granted that although I get to stay home with them, I need to take all of the precious moments that I am given and truly enjoy every second with them because it won’t be like this for long.

Then just yesterday as we were listening to Pandora while playing in our own playroom at home, Darius Rucker basically summed up my feelings that had brought to my attention on a simple Saturday spent in my parent’s basement, “It Won’t Be Like This For Long”. 

1554408_10204111088236125_8939694785139922271_nThe things that we complain about as parents are just small phases, just a year ago Lincoln was a helpless, needing to be nursed every 3 hours, 4-month-old baby and now he is basically an independent (as independent as a one-year-old can be) self feeder, walking machine, who plays without me moving toys in front of his face and somewhat listens to instructions.

“It won’t be like this for long, one day we’ll look back laughin’ at the week we brought her home.  This phase is gonna fly by, so baby just hold on.  It won’t be like this for long.”  What a TRUE statement for all parents – seriously!  Justin and I have only been parents for 3 years and we already look back and reminisce about the stressful times that seemed like a lifetime as they were happening, but in reality the past three years have flown by (I know Dad, every year has the same amount of days, except for leap years) but it SEEMS as though they have gone faster than I could’ve imagined.

We are not quite to the next part in Darius’s song, “It won’t be like this for long, one day you’ll drop her off and she won’t even know your gone.” but we will be there in the next year or so…

This was a great reminder to me of how precious time is and how fast time goes by or seems to go by.  I need to play more, listen more, spend more time with bedtime routines, hold my not-so-tiny babies more and just cherish my time with them because before I know it, “They’ll be all grown up and gone.”

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