A New Definition of “Open House”

The definition of open house has changed in meaning over the past few years.  I think the meaning has changed because of the stages of life that we go through.  When I was in high school an open house was an after graduation party that was thrown by your parents.  You invited the entire world, put up a series of pictures ranging from Kindergarten up to your super expensive senior pictures, and received gifts to help out with your journey into college. In college open house meant a big party that did not require an invite or even knowing the person throwing the party, you just showed up and partied.  Now, in my late 20’s an open house in most cases can be defined as a Sunday event where you go through a house or two that you are interested in purchasing.

A month or so ago Justin and I received an invite to an open house, it was not the high school definition, the college type of party, nor was it the Sunday let’s go buy a house one – it was a fun, party-like, no “real” reason open house to celebrate the summer and being with each other.  I was honestly a little confused because it was for “nothing”, just a party and the awesome thing about the whole open house party was that our kids were invited!  If you have kids, you know that you would LOVE to go to everything, but I our case a lot of our friends don’t have kids yet so kid parties aren’t really a thing quite yet.

The party was about an hour away, they did invite us to stay but again, anyone with kids knows that staying overnight anywhere involves a car load of necessities and poor sleep all around, which in turn makes a horrible next day, so we decided to stay for a few hours and head home (best of both worlds, right?).

IMG_3703This style of “open house” was the best style in my opinion.  No gifts, no nostalgia – just friends and family eating, playing games, and catching up.  Old friends, new friends, and family all coming together to just celebrate life, what a cool concept!

Why don’t people do this more often?  It is better than a family reunion, because both family and friends are together and the title of “family reunion” (which often comes along with a negative feeling) is not behind the name, but better yet an “open house” that brings family and friends together in one special day.

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Have you ever been to a party such as this one?  How have parties changed since you have gotten older?

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    Good One ! Thanks for sharing.

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