Why We Ate At Chili’s In Traverse City

100_2883Another camping trip and if you can remember from my Tolerating Camping post, it is NOT my favorite type of getaway, but I do it for the kids (really for Justin).

We planned this camping trip many months ago with a few friends who have kids around our kids’ ages, well it ended up that things came up that was out of their control and they were unable to join us (bummer, but we understood).

We went back and forth whether to go or not solely based on the weather forecast that was projected in the Traverse City area.  We had to make a final decision by Thursday “close of business”.  Looking at the weather forecast on Thursday afternoon, the weather looked GREAT – sunny, warm, and no rain!  We decided to go for it.

Friday came, we packed up and left by noon making the 3 hour hike up to northern Michigan.  The sun was shining and we were pumped (I was okay with it, not exactly pumped) to get to the campground, set up and enjoy the beautiful Traverse City weather.

You can most likely see where I am going with this…

We got to our campsite and set it all up, it was actually pretty perfect.  I was pleased with the organization that we had and how everything fit into the tent with plenty of space to move around (I still DON’T consider it a cabin).

100_2868We headed to the lake to check it out for a bit.  It was overcast, but Emersyn still managed to fall in the water, destroy someone’s sand castle (she said she was trying to fix it?), and collect a few treasures.

We headed back to the campsite which was a short walk away and then the sprinkles came…

So we loaded up in the Chrysler Town & Country and headed to town.  Figuring we’d find something to eat since we would not be able to cook over the fire like originally planned. Here is where the title of this post comes in, we went to Chili’s, Chili’s out of ALL the amazing places to eat in Traverse City!

We were a bit ashamed that this event occurred on our camping trip to Traverse City, but made up for it by going to Moomers and North Peak Brewing Company the following day.

100_2900  100_2899  100_2894   100_2895

Although our camping trip did not go quite as planned (we returned a day early due to the rain), we still had a great time spending time with each other.  I am pretty sure that the “Padgett’s camping 2015” chapter is closed until next year and I am okay with that.

Thanks for stopping by!


Have you ever made a mistake or done something that you were bummed about on a trip?  How do you make the most out of crumby circumstances?

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