Pass Around The Empathy – A YouTube Video That Makes You Think

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My friend Katie is a NICU nurse out in Colorado.  She takes care of little humans who are fighting for their lives from the moment they arrive on this earth.  She has to show empathy not only for her littlest patients, but also for the family of the tiny human all while putting all of her own worries, concerns, happiness, personal life aside during the 12 hours she is at the hospital.

nicuShe posted a video the other day on Facebook, that truly made me tear up (I am not one to get emotional from a video).  I usually don’t click on videos because to be honest, I don’t have the time to put my full attention into them and usually my kids are sitting right there.

Anyways, I actually watched this video not only one time, but three times.  It made me think about how EVERYONE is going through SOMETHING either happy, exciting, sad, life-changing, etc.

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I tend, as I predict many people do, to get wrapped up in my own life, not really thinking about what others might be going through (I tend to think “woe is me”)  In lines, parking lots, at the store, the doctors office, at a restaurant; basically wherever people are. I get so absorbed in my own struggles and daily life, not really thinking about how these strangers lives might be going, sometimes thinking not-so-kind thoughts in my head.

An example of this was the other day while at IKEA checking out.  I was SUPER annoyed because Lincoln was OVER being at IKEA (I guess I don’t blame him after the 2 hours of shopping) so I was holding him and had Emersyn hanging on me (Justin tries to help, but our kids love their mama).  Justin was checking out and I decided to grab the items that needed to be returned from a recent purchase.  The lady at the checkout stopped me and insisted that I not move until I showed her my receipt, which of course was at the bottom of my bag under the items that needed to be returned.  I was SO ANNOYED (remember – I had basically two kids hanging on me and no free hands).  She took the receipt and REALLY checked it out – not like how the Sam’s Club people skim over the receipt, I mean really looked it over and cross referenced it for a good 2 minutes (which if you have kids know seem A LOT longer than 2 minutes).  I stood there VERY impatiently, she was kind of a jerk about it and I was not the most polite acting.  I didn’t say anything really just know I made a face or two.  When she was finished making sure I didn’t steal anything, she handed me my receipt and instructed Justin not to go any further, as if he was going to take our heavy merchandise and head out the door.

As I am still annoyed by the rudeness that this person displayed to us, I need to make the connection to the YouTube video that Katie posted.  This girl could’ve had someone steal something from her and she could be on probation at work, or maybe her morning was bad for one reason or another – there are many reasons why she could’ve acted the way she did, who am I to decide?  I should have showed her EMPATHY by thanking her for making sure we had the correct items and for spending her day working while we had a fun Sunday shopping and spending time together.  Maybe, just maybe she would smile a little more and show EMPATHY to the next customer in line.

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We need to be role models not only for our children, but also all people, even strangers.  Maybe if we just try to understand why people are the way they are and that everyone is going through something, all people would be happier no matter what they are going through.  So pass on the empathy, it might brighten someone’s day!

Here is the video:

How have you shown EMPATHY today?

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