Fair Experience – Getting Out Into the Community

One of the stipulations that I made when making the decision to move away from my friends, my job, the perfect city, the neighborhood that I really liked – was to be involved in the city that we lived in.  Not only do I like to meet people, but I love spending time in the community in which we live.  I envisioned my future family (which I guess the future is now) to be involved in the community, be regulars at restaurants where the employees know our orders, recognize and know people by name when we are out in public, be active members of many different groups including a church – well these things have not quite happened since the move a year ago, but we are really putting in the effort to make it happen.

On Wednesday we went to the Ingham County Fair, just the 4 of us.  I do not really remember ever actually going to a fair like this, I’m sure I have been since my parents enriched my sisters and I will varying experiences.  I didn’t have a ton of expectations, just that it would be an experience to share with our kids and a chance to get out in the community where we live.

A County Fair is really interesting to me – LOTS of smelly animals, TONS of greasy food trucks, spinney carnival rides, and people from all walks of nature.  We made the mistake of not bringing a ton of cash with us (I know Dad, we never carry cash), but really there were many free things to do once you paid admission to get in.

We spent the first few minutes looking at the rows and rows of cows.  I guess I didn’t realize how large cows really are.  We were a foot or so away from them when walking by and wow were they big!  Emersyn really enjoyed when they mooed – she giggled which in turn made me smile.

petting zooWe then ventured into the petting zoo where they had goats, little pigs, and a few llamas.  Emersyn wanted to pet the animals, but every time she got close they would move and startle her.  The animal in the petting zoo that was most interesting to her was the llama, she recites “Lama, Lama, Red Pajama” (mom win for reading those books).

Em riding the houseEmersyn insisted from the moment we arrived that she wanted to ride the ponies, so that’s just what we did next.  I have to say I was a little unimpressed with the whole pony ride thing.  The teenagers that were running it were extremely unenthusiastic and seemed to ignore the fact that we were waiting for a pony ride.  It was $6 to ride the darn pony for about 2 times around the little circle, not to mention we stopped about 8 times to load other kids onto ponies – not impressed, but Em had fun and of course needed to know the name about her pony which was Joe (for anyone who might be interested in the pony’s name).

sass Ingham County FairWalking through the barns of animals was pretty interesting to me.  There were countless pigs, sheep, and cows – lots and lots of them.  Emersyn made mention of the smell, but really the animals were really clean considering the type of animals that they were.  Again, when an animal made a noise like “bahhhh”, Em and I got a kick out of it.

princesses rideWe rode rides, walked around a bit more, and even purchased some greasy food (yummy).  Emersyn wanted to ride the “big kid” rides and wasn’t happy to hear that was not quite big enough yet.

Getting out into the community, in my opinion, offers so much.  We get to get out of the house for one (which I need to do in order to stay sane as a stay-at-home mom).  We have a chance of running into people that we may know, which we did!  Another obvious aspect is that we are spending time as a family and giving our children experiences that offers fun and learning.  I have made it my own personal goal to get out more within our community and look forward to our future adventures!

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How do you get involved in the community where you live?  Do you enjoy trying new things?

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