Tolerating Camping

IMG_0969I do not really LOVE camping, I did when I was little, but as an adult it is not my favorite activity. The reasons I partake in camping adventures are to make memories with my kids and to participate in an activity that my husband really enjoys.  The reasons I don’t really look forward to a good ole’ camping trip are the mess and dirtiness, sleeping in a tent (my husband says its a “cabin” because it is a large tent, I beg to differ), disorganization of everything and the amount of items you have to pack and unpack.  With little kids camping is challenging.

IMG_1014My family does not have a fancy RV or pop-up camper (which I would LOVE).  We have a tent (ugh), Justin likes to call it our “cabin” (I do not agree). I have had to come up with a few innovative ways to help me stay organized.

Here are a few tips that seem to help when camping with littles:

IMG_3469When we took Emersyn camping a few years ago, I HATED using her Pack N’ Play for both outdoor play and sleeping in the tent, so we bought a Summer Infant Pop ‘n Play (we found ours on I LOVE this thing!  It is SUPER light and folds up easily just like a bag chair.  It has a bottom on it, so you don’t have to worry about a blanket.  You can fit a few babies in it comfortably.  My dad calls it baby jail, I guess it kind of is, but Lincoln seems to like it (I am not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing?)

IMG_2554 IMG_2553

The Bumbo Seat with the tray.  PERFECT to use as a highchair! I don’t have a cool portable highchair and didn’t want to spend the extra money, so I gave the Bumbo Seat a try!  It worked for Em (she had quite the thighs and still fit).  We just place it on the table top near the middle.

IMG_3493Pack clothes in gallon Ziploc baggies (obviously, don’t bring clothes that you LOVE, you are camping and they might get ruined).  This is something that I learned from Pinterest and is absolutely genius for camping.  I put an entire outfit (shirt, shorts, undies and high accessories) right inside of one bag.  I hate digging for something specific, especially in the dark.  This also keeps things clean, unsmelly, and somewhat tidy while your out in the wild!

Freeze all foods that are freezable before you go.  This helps with keeping your food cold and cuts down on the amount of ice you have to purchase throughout.  I am always worried about the food spoiling and feel like we are constantly running up to the store to get more ice just to turn around and have it all melted again.  This is a perfect way to cut down on this for the first half at least.

Bring fun activities for kids.  We like to paint, color, play yard games, use sparklers, kick a ball, go on walks, etc.  Although you may like just relaxing by the fire, you know kids-they ALWAYS need something new to do!

IMG_1002Pick a place to camp that has things to do or sights to see.  We LOVE to go to Mackinaw.  The water is a bit chilly, but there is a lot to do that we and the kids enjoy.

Like I said, camping is NOT my favorite thing to do, I would much rather stay in a hotel, but with a few things in place I have found that I can tolerate it for the sake that my husband and kids enjoy it.

Thanks for stopping by!


What did you find helpful?  What tips do you have for other readers?

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