Our Baby Girl is 3

50629-DSC_5255bwI realize that everyone tells you what it will feel like to become a parent, but until you actually become one, you will NEVER fully understand the unconditional love that a parent feels the first time they lay their eyes on their little bundle.

50373-DSC_5242I remember the day they rushed us into the operating room and quickly brought our little brown haired, blue eyed, beautiful baby into this world like it was yesterday (She didn’t want to come into the world without an exciting story to tell).  Both Justin and I teared up as we heard the first cry and saw her alert eyes checking us out, she was SO alert!  We had NO idea what was in store for us, other than we were going to be parents and our lives would be forever changed.  That unconditional love that so many talked about was clear to me from that moment on.

51660-DSC_5283Weighing in at 6 lbs. 14 ounces, who knew she would quickly grow into one of the plumpest Gerber babies you have ever seen!

479949_10100936777108178_1468253326_nEm began wearing bows from the VERY beginning!  The nurse slipped a hat onto her head with a homemade bow and just hours after birth, Aunt Bethie made sure to try out all of her bows.  Who knew we would never need the headband attachments, we were able clip them right into the full head of hair she was born with.  At the ripe age of 3 (TODAY!) she still prefers bows over ponytails and with that, I take every advantage – the bigger the bow, the better!

51236-DSC_5271I am not trying to brag, but Emersyn has really been the PERFECT child (maybe I’m bragging just a little bit).  Justin and I know how blessed we were to have a healthy baby, she basically was sleeping through the night right around 6 months, not allergic to a thing, is a happy, outgoing, talkative and expressive little lady.  I recall many times when I was up in the morning literally waiting for my princess to wake up from her slumber wondering what people meant when they said that we would never sleep after we had kids (they were wrong with her!).

IMG_8330Three years later, she still marches to a different beat and truly is her own little person.  She has a sort of spunk and sass that is a little corky, yet awesomely cute.  She has A LOT of questions, checks out everything and wants to know “why” at ALL times.  She LOVES to dance and prefers to go to the Hands-On Museum over ANY where else.  She LOVES to play with her baby brother and although she is still learning to share her space, she doesn’t know what to do when he is not around and runs to him whenever he lets out a cry asking, “what’s wrong little buddy?”.  She is a creature of habit; demanding Cheetos at Lowes, popcorn at Target, and requiring the same order of events when we explore the Hands-On Museum.  She loves being with her Grandma and loves fishing with her Daddy.  She’s a mama’s girl (when grandmas not around) with a little sass and lots of questions (just like her daddy)!

IMG_8593We have only known each other for 3 years, but the past 3 years have been the happiest, most memorable, and rewarding years of my life!  I never realized how much I could love someone until I laid my eyes on this princess. Happy 3rd birthday to my first baby, Emersyn Rashelle!

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