Shark Week

It’s Shark Week! We wanted in on the action. Without scaring my little ones, we did some fun and shark inspired activities so we could be a part of the week many look forward to every summer.

Water Play

Add some ocean themed bath toys and a cut up noodle.  Splash, play, and act as if you are at the beach!

water play water

Footprint Sharks

shark 2

Beach Themed Books

Here are some great titles that we had on hand, but there are plenty of beach themed children’s books that you can read together.


Also visit and watch/read-along to The Rainbow Fish by Markus Pfister

Shark Week Snacks

Toaster Waffle Shark Attack

shark 3                               shark

Goldfish Crackers

You can mix Goldfish crackers with any favorite snack or just eat right out of the bag.  There are SO many different flavors.  Emersyn’s favorite kind are the pink princess ones!

Blue Jell-O Ocean Scene (basically blue Jell-O with Sweetish Fish)

fish 2                     fish

Pretend Play

Pretend to be fish “swimming” fast and slow.  Make fishy faces too. Take turns being the shark and chasing after the fish.

Pretend you are at the beach.  Lay out in the hot sun, jump over waves, and swim under the water.

Beach/Ocean Themed Shows and Movies

Here are a few titles that would go along with the theme:

The Little Mermaid

Finding Nemo

Dolphin Tale

Dolphin Tale 2

Netflix has a few that I found that also meet the theme:


A Turtle’s Tale

A Turtle’s Tale 2

H20: Mermaid Adventures

As I have mentioned previously, I like a good theme.  Having a theme helps me be innovative and create ideas that I can branch off of.  Have fun playing with your kids!

Happy Shark Week!


How do you celebrate shark week?  Have you ever been at the beach when there has been a shark sighting?


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