Our Chuck E Cheese Anniversary

ann3Reflecting on the last 4 years makes me realize how fast 4 years goes by, but also how much you can fit into 4 years!  We have moved 4 times, gone on many vacations, grown our family from 2 to 4, moved up in our careers (I have stepped back from the classroom for now, but taught for 3 years), and made countless memories.

annJustin and I got married 4 years ago today in Saginaw, MI (my hometown).  It was a sunny, hot Friday.  We spent the day prepping and preparing ourselves, not having to focus on anything else but each other.  I remember our Pastor telling us in our before marriage counseling, “Your love will change over the years.”  I didn’t fully understand, and I still don’t, but I do see that it has changed and developed over the 4 years of marriage.

It’s crazy to think that just 4 years ago we were jobless and kidless.  On our first anniversary we spent a romantic dinner at The Melting Pot, just the two of us (one in utero, due any day), but no sitters needed.  We were able to get ready slowly, leave the house without changing diapers, take our time indulging in the fancy fondue, and enjoy undivided attention to one another.  It was our first and last anniversary to have full attention on one another, what a special time.

an 4 an 6This year, we are choosing to spend our anniversary with our kids, I realize that is not what most people would chose, but this year it’s what we want.  We love to see the joy on our kid’s faces, we wouldn’t have it any other way.  We kicked off our anniversary at Chuck E Cheese last night.  We were giddy excited to take our two little ones there to eat and play as a family.  Another night with the kids tonight is planned, what a better way to celebrate?

4 years later, 2 kids, lots of moves and memories made with my husband, I still love him and can’t wait to see what the next few years bring.  People always say you love your husband in a way you never expected when you see them with your children, they were right.   Although I loved our first anniversary, I would not change a thing in the now.  Chuck E Cheese was a perfect date and a fantastic way to celebrate what 4 years of marriage has brought us!

Happy 4 years of marriage Justin, you are a loving husband and a fantastic daddy!


How have things changed since you have been married?

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