This Is What I’m Meant to do

Uy_RHKxA1A5T-1ek_Vr_zJV2TjGIOemYynGASNp2hEo,ZIdRuwKNvn8jEcPDk9DuENmLBa7uwkLHxBwL9BbXIkk,qqEZ7QWrCEhNVGshBAIwxd_cbqI-NecNO9VYkd5NQPQI recently had a conversation with an old friend who conveyed her fabulous photography business; unfolding the many benefits and opportunities that have emerged.  With her remarkable talent, she has been able to take her family across the country, enjoying vacations while only working a fraction of the time, working hard during that time of course.

While talking with her I made a comment about how I felt like I should be doing more with my life after hearing all about her adventures that derived from her business.  Now this friend is THE MOST POSTIVE person that I know next to my own mom.  I feel like I have always looked up to her, even though we are the same age, she is just a leader in my eyes.  After I made the comment to her about doing more with my life she said to me,”Kels, this is what you have always wanted to do.  It is what you are meant to do.”  I listened to her, took it in, and pondered it even as our conversation moved on through various topics until it was time for her to go edit pictures and I tended to my crying baby.

2The weeks following, I have truly thought about her life compared to mine.  There really is no comparison when looking on the outside, but as I think about the high-school versions of both her and I, our lives, although very different, were almost predictable.  I have always loved kids.  I knew from an extremely young age that I wanted to be a mom.  I also knew that I wanted to work with children, be a teacher, and although I am taking a break from the classroom, I am teaching my children everyday.  Looking at her, she was someone who was friends with everyone! She made life into an adventure, taking trips basically alone and traveling to different countries without hesitation.  Her personality is perfect for what she does, being around all sorts of people and fitting it, while making them feel uber comfortable.

10890990_913810311971669_821718094_nMy point is that she made me realize that “just staying home with my kids” is what I was meant to do.  It is a job.  It is something that I have always dreamed of.  I need to stop feeling pressure by comparing my life to others. Its not “just staying home with my kids” its playing, teaching, learning, exploring, making memories, not missing a beat, and being there to enjoy them while they are little.  My days are not filled with emails to parents, creating lessons plans, going to professional development meetings or teaching 25 kids the alphabet, they are filled with playing baby dolls, having dance parties, taking my kids to doctor appointments, dance lessons, going to the library and setting up play dates.  One day I will go back to work and miss this, so for now This Is What I’m Meant to do and I am proud of it!

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Are you doing what you are meant to do?  Did you imagine your life being any different than it is?

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