Excuse Our Mess, We Are Busy Making Memories

Having a clean house makes me feel good, helps me relax and enjoy the time spent between the walls that we call home.  Freshly vacuumed carpets, no clothing in the hamper, all dishes available and ready to be used, dusted shelves, and a lemon-fresh bathroom all make for a company ready, relaxing house.

The reality of having absolutely NO laundry to be washed and ALL dishes washed and available is just not realistic.  It seems that these two things when you have 4 human being within a household are never ending.  I tend to stress myself out constantly trying to keep these two chores, along with all others, up-to-date.  What is the point of stressing?  Does a clean and tidy house 24/7 a necessity?

*I am NOT looking for cleaning or organizational tips or tricks.  Everyone has their own ways of doing things. I do clean my house and it is picked up MOST of the time.

This weekend I put this very topic to the test.  When I say “test”, I wanted to test myself, my sanity, and my personal anxiety.  We had the plan to have our families over for a Fathers Day cookout and a celebration of Emersyn’s first dance recital.  Of course I wanted to clean house for our families.  I didn’t want them to think that our lives are chaotic and “messy”.  Having a clean house, especially when people come over, is important to me, but as I said I wanted to test myself.

Making memories is another thing that is important to me.  This weekend did not fall short of making memories.  Friday night, Emersyn had her dress rehearsal for dance, so we decided to go out to dinner before.  The 4 of us met up at Buffalo Wild Wings and enjoyed some family time before the girls went off to the dress rehearsal and the boys shared in a guys night in.  Saturday was a FULL day of memories!  We woke up bright and early and headed to the Potter Park Zoo for the Wild One Mile.  The 4 of us spent the morning observing animals, as well as Em and Justin ran in a 100-yard-dash while Link and I cheered them on!  Em got a medal and a t-shirt, she was so proud of herself. She giggled the entire run.  We shared this fun opportunity with one of Em’s dance pals and her family.  The fun continued as soon as we left the zoo.  We attempted to take a family bike ride, kids in tow…Lincoln was NOT having the helmet, so it was cut short.  Naps, rest, and then out to eat as a family.  What a full day!  Sunday came in quick.  I made a daddy’s day breakfast and spent a little time tidying up the house in preparation for our guests.  It was also time to prep Em for her big debut on the stage for her first dance recital.  I wanted to make this memory special for our princess, taking time and really reveling in the moments together.  Family arrived, we all attended the recital and came over for our BBQ, it was spectacular!  Everyone seemed to enjoy every minute together.  Em is still talking about the events from this weekend, and guess what?  The house was clean, but I did not spend hours upon hours tediously cleaning, mission accomplished!

When I truly think about it, making memories is MUCH more important than a clean and tidy house.  We had SO much fun this weekend and made every minute count.  Our kids will only be this little and WANT to hang out with us for so long, so cleaning is not the priority-memories are.  I love to see smiles on our kid’s faces, it makes my heart happy!  I am so over joyed that we get to have the opportunity to share in fun, fabulous, new and exciting memories with our kids.

So if you decide to stop by to see us, excuse our mess, but come in and enjoy making memories!

Thanks for stopping by!


How do you decide on work or making memories?

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  1. I love the title! And your daughter looks so cute with her costume!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. KPadgett says:

      Thank you! I try to live by this, especially when my kids are so little.


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