Lucky Ladies

daddys luckyLucky, that is what my daughter and I are.  Why are we so lucky?  We both have three men in our lives who are exceptional.

IMG_1530I’ll start with the big man, daddy and my husband.  When we found out that our first born was going to be a darling little princess, I am not going to lie, Justin did not have the best reaction.  He, like most men dreamed of having a little boy.  A boy meant spending time playing rough, time spent fishing together, shooting games, sporting events; boyish things.  I felt a little disappointed for him.  I was so excited to have a little girl to dress up, put in dance class, enjoy tea parties together, a little shopping buddy; do girlie things with.  Although I was excited to have a little girl, I held my excitement from him a little because I knew he was just not there yet. From the moment Justin laid eyes on our precious baby girl, things changed.  Tears filled his eyes (he is NOT an emotional guy), she had him wrapped around his finger!

cropped-cover.jpgAs a wife and a mother, what more could I ask for?  He loves both of us unconditionally.  He works hard so I can be home with our kids.  The way he gets excited to spend time with us is amazing.

Justin absolutely loves taking Em on dates.  He literally gets SO excited.  In February I signed the two up for a daddy-daughter dance at Play in East Lansing, MI.  He came home early from work in order to prepare for this date (how cute is that?)  When they returned from this date, he could not stop talking about their experience together, what a guy!

dad 3Papa Dan to Emersyn and Lincoln, Dad to Justin and I, is the bigger man in our lives.  This man is first amazing because he raised three girls with no sons. Living in a house with four women earns an award in itself!  Not to mention his first three grandkids all happened to be girls, until finally Lincoln came.  This man has given me so much guidance over the years, some I maybe didn’t want to hear, but this guy does know a lot.  He is mine and my husband’s “go to” guy when seeking advice on basically anything and everything other than home improvements (he comes to either Justin or Jeremy for that advice).  He has become a father and best friend to Justin.  On almost all summer weekends, you will catch them crusin’ around in the S.S. Minnow on Butcher Lake.  He travels all over the place to see his kids and grand-kids.  What guy would spend a 3-day period driving over 12 hours one way to see his newest granddaughter and still make it back to witness another’s first dance recital?!

Lincoln is the last little guy that makes us lucky.  He is the little brother that Em ADORES.  Although she has a hard time understanding the concept of sharing time-to-time, she truly loves her brother.  Lincoln is a sweet, sweet baby boy who keeps us on our toes and keeps us smiling every day.  He is one cutehe is already getting the ladies attention

Like I said, we are some lucky girls.  Lincoln is also extremely lucky to have two men to learn from.

Thank to you these two men, we are truly blessed!

Happy Fathers Day!

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