Capturing “Us”

Ah family picture day, the day when all family members look perfect, cooperate, and smile. Well my family may differ a bit from this.  The weeks leading up to picture day I am surfing through pictures on Pinterest trying to find the cutest poses, matching up outfits (this has become harder with a little boy), locating areas, matching up dates and time – exhausting to think about.

Taking pictures can be stressful and takes a lot of planning.  Justin usually doesn’t attend unless he is “needed”.  In talking to other families about their picture experiences, I have come to the conclusion that men are babies when it comes to having their pictures taken.  They seem to complain a lot and just want the dang thing to be over with.  Justin was a pretty good sport, but was ready when our session was up.

I on the other hand, get SO excited for family picture day.  All of my planning goes to work and I get to spend time with my little family while some one else takes our pictures.  I get teary eyed watching Lisa work with my kids, as I watch their individual personalities unfold in front of the camera.

A few weeks ago, we had our pictures taken by Lisa Sutton.  Her and I discussed for months what I wanted, shared pictures of pictures, and she helped me plan out outfits.  The best advice that she gave me was to choose an outfit that I really liked and match the others accordingly, so that’s what I did.  Our goal was to take 1-year pictures of Lincoln, 3-year pictures of Emersyn and a few family ones – very aggressive I know!  We decided to take outdoor pictures a couple locations: Spicer Orchards Fenton/Hartland, MI and at baseball parks nearby.  Emersyn was OBESSESSED with the goats at Spicer Orchards, after seeing them she was not into pictures so much.

Here are a few pictures from our most recent photo session:

0DiF20NiO4Olf6Jktzc05aHC3Nn7ivBkHw9pm-DNiPw,zlkK8JDtl1oac-24iGHydSs97yt8faonGQ3X6ZjyWSk A5VkOBdHBBi6zHeZ_iFNKHImmF2_PkS8URIUy5WJQXA,w4HoDHtePjUW_M-PwsIkKGcfMlUML-wgJ1D_6LxV7DI,e4BgKfTjIZsDE7ZdVkjI8zCWqEQj5bth29RWijMqI4E eYWb9ba-tgizzOO7BTZ9gtw-wvjkciDZ4G_CoYLXSLI,hanHt1nqrsAzliRQpsjRAYeDqFsfd4MM5X2_fA5kvoI jW_DuDfJXGjk6A6IUBinWpT2Wfj8eChoHxBbOjEQPi4,_ENc0jrXlXFcz3j9VaZtWF6WaiGMcd6nUbnWZNKLUfM LqFrVs-rzFLFozpv7nfK6EZ1JmtfMTEJrhv_VFXpgY4,SDvpyCjd9p_j2_gjHSn3ZtXyeJSup5WlO5FSvjLPO9k -MxuIccHRcZKtyadYwWMu2NxYPJZhaFSTDXJ3igqlGY,T3swk6PebR_2qxFCzS8enVKqWtC_zVOa0rIyFs2xoOg MY9hR4FyBoiioFD7IDle6TtfM8wena29AU_xuj5tqI0,_wsgdnTYhvocIRgwug3vGRBADvKbdYRkImvD1WtJ6Co n4p9j-vLraZiVdnv1XZuZl7Vuh_4YUYTmCBSqf3QfGo,1ZMhYfDcR_GX6EYAQ88FLXRoQdSE4-8gSy9rwuzEwuo Uy_RHKxA1A5T-1ek_Vr_zJV2TjGIOemYynGASNp2hEo,ZIdRuwKNvn8jEcPDk9DuENmLBa7uwkLHxBwL9BbXIkk,qqEZ7QWrCEhNVGshBAIwxd_cbqI-NecNO9VYkd5NQPQ

Oh and did I mention Lisa was pregnant with her third son just about ready to pop?!  We were able to get ALL of the pictures that I wanted for this photo session, yay!

Lisa Sutton is an extremely talented photographer.  She takes her time, focuses on the subject(s), and has a professional attitude. Somehow she is able to capture beautiful photos even when little ones are too interested in goats to look at the camera.  Please contact her by visiting her on her website: Lisa Sutton Photography and set up your next photo session.

Thanks for stopping by!

How often do you get family pictures? What is your favorite memory from family picture day?

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