Rookie of The Year – A Baseball Birthday Party


I was SO elated to throw my little man’s 1st birthday.  I love to throw parties, and yes I do get stressed out sometimes, but in the end this is what I really enjoy.

Since Lincoln LOVES the song “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” and I had a lot of excitement that he is a boy (first and only of his cousins), I decided to throw a baseball, specifically a Detroit Tigers baseball party.

Here are a few things that I did in order to stick with the theme:

If you would like to contact Noelle in order to have a personalized invite for your next party, please do by sending her an email to:

First, I sent out the perfect invite, made by Noelle Minasian (soon-to-be Noelle Tanner).



I hung up a backdrop using the color scheme for the PERFECR photo opt (I am no professional).  I tried to take a picture with all guests and Lincoln, but I have to admit once everyone arrived it was harder to make sure to take pictures.  I also used this area for Lincoln to eat his smash cake, which was great for pictures as well.

Here is the cake table.  “Home Run” because let’s face it, Lincoln is a home run – super cute, meeting all milestones and the sweetest little man we could ever dream of.  We purchased a cake at Cosco – really yummy, easy to order and fast pick-up.  Also, what a great price!  They made a baseball mit design and personalized it for the little guy.  Lincoln’s smash cake came from a bakery here in Lansing, MI called Whipped.  They prepared it nut free, dairy free, and wheat free – perfect for our little guy with allergies.

Concessions aka the food table, was complete with typical baseball foods: hotdogs, popcorn, soft pretzels with toppings, chips, condiments and licorice.


I set the theme by doing a few other things:

peanutsFullSizeRender streamers wine bottlescakeIMG_2564grandmaIMG_2443

IMG_2603I made gift bags for each child who was in attendance.  I have found that putting names on the gift bags help to keep things organized and allows guests to grab a bag without any hesitation.  I do keep bags personalized according to gender and age.  Collecting items throughout the months leading up to the even will help elevate stress and is helpful when finding bargains.  Great places to find little trinkets are: Target dollar spot and The Dollar Tree.

IMG_2602I like to have activities planned in advance, whether or not the kids actually do them is fine by me, it really just depends on the party.  On the day of Lincoln’s party it rained, so I had to plan for mostly indoor activities although I had a lot of outdoor fun for the kids as well just in case.  I bought plastic balls and bats for each child who attended and wrote each of their names on both.  I placed them in a laundry basket and gave them to each child as they left.  Now, if it would’ve been nice out, they would’ve played with them at the party as well, but it worked out either way.

I also created a “Pin the Tail on the Tiger” game for the kids to do.  This was an activity that was great for the older kids.  I simply printed off a tiger from my home computer, colored it and put it on poster board.  I used streamers and put tape at the end.

We had a “Major Leagues” table with drinks for the 21 and older crowd, as well as a “Minor Leagues” cooler filled with juice boxes and waters.

bookI had a spot designated for “autographs” where I had a book, a baseball, and a bat where people could sign and/or write a note for the little guy.  I love this idea! I wanted him to have a little “keepsake” from this occasion.

Lincoln had 3 outfit changes, yes ridiculous I know, but after Emersyn’s first birthday party I learned that clothes get messy!  He had on a onesie that I had made from, a diaper cover and a “1” onesie made by my awesome friend Emily Gundlach.  He wore the diaper cover and a little bow tie when devouring his smash cake and the other two before and after.LINCOLN

If you would like Emily to produce your little one's outfits please contact her at:
If you would like Emily to produce your little one’s outfit for a special occasion, please contact her at:


I made this banner simply out of cardstock and sticker letters and hung them on ribbon.  This is where the gifts were put and Lincoln opened them, made for a nice photo opt!

IMG_2584After the party was all said and done, Lincoln had to “thank” everyone who was there or who was there in spirit (even if that was via “Facetime”).  I helped him create “thank you” cards by painting his hand and personalize each one.  We are so thankful for each and everyone who has been a part of Lincoln’s life over the past year!

Picking a theme really helps with the planning of a party.  I always run out of time and wish I could’ve done more, but in the end no one notices and has a great time!

Happy 1st Birthday Lincoln!

Thanks for stopping by!


What party themes have you done in the past?  Would you ever hire someone to create the party theme you wanted?

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