To My Little Man on His First Birthday

10432020_594790167286635_296539858_nTo My Little Man on your first birthday,

Today we have had the joy of knowing each other for an entire 365 days. What a lucky mama I am to have such a delightful little guy in my life.  You have changed my opinion on thinking only little girls are fun to dress up and that little boys don’t like to snuggle.  You and I have taken advantage of rocking, taking naps together and just enjoying every moment we share.

Today is the day that we celebrate all of the big accomplishments that you have made over the past year.  You went from sleeping ALL of the time, to playing joyfully, pulling yourself up and crawling faster than any baby I have ever seen.  You have shared in many experiences throughout this 1st year of life.  We even took you for the walk across the Mackinaw Bridge on Labor Day at the fresh age of 3 months.

On the day before you were born I don’t remember feeling anxious, but I was very ready to meet you.  We were still living in Royal Oak (you will hear a lot about Royal Oak, we started our family there).  I dropped your big sister off at Panera Bread and had lunch with Grandma Kerry just down the street from our house.  After I said good-bye to her, it really sunk in that you would be here in less than 12 hours.  Your daddy took me out to dinner at my favorite place in Birmingham, MI and we went to a movie.  I remember feeling at ease and relaxed about your arrival.  We went to get that night and set our alarms for 4 AM.  I honestly thought that I would have a hard time sleeping, but I did not – my mind was at ease and I felt prepared.

10417670_10102284146858398_8348116025268978176_nThe day you were born is pretty clear to me.  Your daddy and I woke up, got ready, and drove the less than five minutes to the hospital.  You were a scheduled C-Section, so we got right into triage and began getting all hooked up.  Once the monitors were on, your heart rate dropped, leading to nurses rushing in and telling me to lay on my left side – I remember thinking “not again” (your sister was an emergency C-section) and I wanted this to go as planned.  Things settled down and after what felt like hours, the doctor and her team was ready to take us back.  Things went smoothly and you were born at 8:09 AM.

11032827_874926835887067_1969483819_nDaddy refers to you as my “Bubba”, I think he’s a little jealous that your a mama’s boy, but I love it!  Daddy was so excited to have you as his son, he literally fist pumped when the doctor announced that you were you.  He wanted to share the news with everyone.  We decided to announce that you were a boy by having our families cut a cake with blue frosting inside.  He was giddy with excitement, I have to admit it was sweet.  Daddy can’t wait until your just a bit bigger so he can take you fishing, collect bugs, playing sports (you might have to teach him a thing or two) and just playing with you.

10890990_913810311971669_821718094_nI have been the lucky mama to stay at home with you for your entire life on this earth.  Your daddy has given us the opportunity to spend this precious time together.  Because of your amazing daddy allowing us to not miss a beat.  I have been able to share in each and every milestone with you, what a lucky mama! You are quite the “mama’s boy” and that makes my heart happy.  I have to admit that I used to hate “mama’s boys” but when your the mama, I understand the bond.  I will drive your future girlfriends nuts!

Photo by Lisa Sutton
Photo by Lisa Sutton

Your big sister Emersyn is OBSESSED with you.  She loves you SO much.  When you are sleeping or out of sight, she never fails to ask your whereabouts.  She is still adjusting to you playing in “her playroom” and is also working on learning to share toys, but she gets genuinely concerned if you get hurt or you are crying.  She comes running when she hears you upset and gently rubs your back and says, “its okay little buddy”.  You two will make the best of friends.

You are SO loved.  Grandma Shelley calls you her “main man”, you are her one and only little  guy and believe me, she LOVES IT!  You LOVE to copy what Papa Dan is doing and try to make the strange noises that he makes, you two will be best pals and he can teach you about sports, especially baseball.  Your Grandma Kerry adores you and thinks you are the sweetest.  You are lucky to also have Great Grandma’s and a Great Grandpa who also think the world of you.

Baby boy, you are more than I ever thought you could be.  I always dreamed of the day when I had kids of my own, but never imagined the amount of love I would have for you and your big sis.  I will admit that I was scared to have a boy.  You have taken all of my fears away in the short time you have been on this earth.

Photo by Lisa Sutton
Photo by Lisa Sutton

Today you have been ours for 365 days.  365 delightful, happy, full days.  You have made our lives that much better.  I can not imagine life without you, you are my Bubba, my little man, my Linky Lu Lu, my mama’s boy and I am so excited to see what the next 365 days brings and the memories that we make together.  Happy 1st birthday baby boy!

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  1. Justin says:

    Great post! We are truly blessed to have Mr. Links in our lives.

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