1st Year Milestones

baby lingsI know everyone says that babies grow fast, wow do they ever!  I felt like the past three years have been a bit of a blur, a happy blur, but truly way too fast for my liking.  This past year, my family and I have been through a lot of changes, one being adding another member to our growing family.

Mr. Lincoln James Padgett came into our lives on May 30, 2014.  We were elated to welcome him on his planned arrival day.

Here are a few milestones that I found to be pretty life changing:

NB Clothes to 12 Month (or greater clothes)

Sniff, sniff.  For any of you moms out there you know what I’m talking about.  When your baby grows out of clothes, especially newborn clothes and it is time for you to package them up or get rid of them, it is emotional.  Each time I have to put clothes away, I wish my child could’ve worn it a bit longer, but as we know if the baby is growing, they are healthy and that is something to celebrate.  I do have a system for rotating clothes that I will share with you in later blogs.

Rolling Over

I love the first few months when you can just put that baby ANYWHERE and not worry about them moving.  You can literally place them up on the couch, do the dishes, and when you return they are RIGHT where you left them!  Then they change the game and start rolling over.  Again, let’s be happy that they are growing, developing, blah, blah, blah, but really it is nice when you do not have to be as cautious.  Both of my kids rolled over right around 3 months, sometimes they would roll over and get REALLY angry because they didn’t really intend to do that and couldn’t figure out how the heck to get back to where they started.


I don’t really care what doctors day, I believe that my kids started truly smiling only after a few weeks of life.  I was able to get in their faces and get a “smile” from them, not gas. I remember saying this to a pediatrician and she kind of laughed at me, but I still believe that they smiled only after a few short weeks.


I remember the first time Emersyn laughed.  It was right after my brother-in-law proposed to my sister, well that night.  Right around 3 months.  It was the best thing I had heard.  I teared up and waited for it to happen again.  Lincoln was around 2 1/2 months.  I love to hear a good belly laugh from a baby, it never gets old.


Oh the sounds of a baby babbling is just so sweet.  Emersyn babbled SO much, people commented on how much she “talked” from a VERY young age.  It is funny how personalities come out at such a young age because she literally does not stop talking now!  Lincoln on the other hand, did not start babbling until he was pretty old.  I was actually concerned that he couldn’t hear or something, but just as soon as I expressed my concern, he started babbling up a storm- Isn’t it funny how things work out?!

First Words

For MOST babies they begin with “Da da” because it is easy for them to say, maybe even saying it when referring to “Ma ma”.  Both of my kids started by saying “Da da”, also babbling, but the first word that was said with meaning was “Da-da”.  We were AMAZED by our first child’s vocabulary and verbal skills.  We did A LOT of sign language with her and before she was one, she was able to put a few “words” together to form a sentence.  We were at a wedding and she pointed to a baby, did the sign for “please” and followed it up with “baby”.  AMAZING!  I have to admit, I do not use baby signs as much with Lincoln, but I do use many when he is eating such as, “please”, “more” and “all done”.  I am a firm believer that baby signs help children learn verbal skills.

Milk to table food

Nursing is hard for the first few months and I totally understand why people choose to switch to formula.  I do have to say that I am glad that I pushed through with both of my kids (I was working full-time with Emersyn) and nursed for a year.  With Emersyn, I got rid of bottles and the boob literally o her first birthday, as for Lincoln, he will most likely be a little longer.  I do not believe in nursing much past a year just because it is awkward (no judgments if you do, I personally just don’t want to).  On to food.  With both kids I started cereal around 4 months and progressed through the purees quickly.  I did baby-led weaning as far as feeding themselves and eating table food starting around 6 months (and no my kids did not have very many teeth, Lincoln only have 2 right now).  We did have a bump in the road with Lincoln since he has a few food allergies and can basically only eat fruits and veggies.  Both of our kids are good eaters!

Sleeping 3 hours to sleeping all night (or still not so much)

Now for Emersyn, this happened and I am not sure why it has not happened with Mr. Links, he STILL wakes up about every 3 hours.  I do the same things with him that I did with Emersyn and even tried a few new things, no luck so far.


Crawling. This means that you have a mobile child.  You have to REALLY watch them, chase after them and they never want to be held too much anymore.  Both of my kids started crawling at different times.  Emersyn was quite the rolly polly so it was around 8 months when she really started crawling.  Lincoln on the other hand started around 5 1/2 months, it was right before Christmas when the tree was up and there was a lot of him to get into.  He kind of started out with the worm and after mastering that move, started into a VERY fast crawl.


Neither of my kids started walking until after 1 (well fingers crossed because Lincoln is a few days shy of 1) and maybe surprisingly to some of you, I am happy.  I want my kids to grow and develop but walking means that I will have to chase him and keep up with a toddler as well.  Emersyn started walking right around 14 months.  I do remember feeling pressure for her to walk because my niece, who is 2 weeks older, started walking and Em was not yet.  I had to keep telling myself that all babies develop differently.  This time around, I am in NO rush what-so-ever.  Take your time little man!

Remember that all parents do things a little differently.  Don’t ever feel like you have a dumb question or you aren’t doing it “right” because it is different than someone else.  Try not to compare milestones and development too much, obviously if there is a large gap (3 or more months) and the baby is no where new meeting milestones that the older one is, then consult your doctor.  Try not to rush your baby through stages because before you know it, they will be driving!

Thanks for stopping by!

~Kelsey ~

Do you find yourself comparing development with other babies your child’s age?

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