A Year In Review – Well Visits and What to Expect

IMG_2416Oh my, just got home from Lincoln’s 1-year well visit.  This week I am feeling quite emotional as I think back to Lincoln’s first year.  I love to log, capture, and reflect the milestones that occur because one day MAYBE he will want to look back and see what he was doing, what he weighed and what he looked like or I can share them with future girlfriends and embarrass him a little bit.  So, I am starting this week with reflecting on his well visits.

When we moved, we had a heck of a time finding a pediatrician for our kids.  I did not realize how much of a task it is to first find a good one and to become an established patient!  With Lincoln having frequent well visits, we were able to get him in within about a month of moving.  We did have to take him to Urgent Care centers (which was also NOT easy, since most do not see babies under the age of 6 months).

I followed what was suggested by Lincoln’s pediatrician as far as immunizations.  He did not have any real reaction other than maybe a little tender at the site and sleeping afterwards.



just bornLincoln was a C-Section guy born right at 39 weeks, it was scheduled.  The doctor delivering the little guy and many of the surgery staff helped to keep my mind off of the surgery by taking guesses as to how big he was going to be.  They were commenting on how I was all baby, which was why I was SO uncomfortable!  Anyways, they all guessed between 6lbs to 8lbs.  I guess about 7lbs and the little man came out screaming at 7 lbs. 5 oz.

Weight Checks

Ugh! The dreaded weight checks.  Both of my babies did not seem to gain the appropriate weight right away, this was especially frustrating with Lincoln for the mere fact that we were staying with my parents about an hour away from his pediatrician (we had sold our house but not moved yet).  We left the hospital knowing that he had lost a little over the “normal” percentage, but I was not worried since I was nursing and my milk had just come in.  We had to go back multiple times starting from 24-hours after we left the hospital, I was so frustrated because I knew he was fine, eating and just needed to be given a little time to catch up.  Did I mention that I couldn’t drive myself since after a C-Section you cant drive?!  I hated depending on my mom or Justin in order to get our new baby to these silly weight checks.  I do realize that these need to be done to make sure the baby is healthy.

One Month (usually between 2 weeks and one month)- July 2, 2014

We again had to travel back to Royal Oak in order to bring him to this appointment.  I honestly can not remember much from this appointment other than thinking “I told you so” about the baby’s growth since he grew SO much!

Weight: 12 LBS 2 OZ

Two Months – July 30, 2014

Lincoln was still a little babe at this point.  He had his first visit at MSU Pediatrics in Lansing, MI.

Weight: 12 LBS 2 OZ 45%

Height: 23 Inches 48%

6 Months

Again, I do not think there was anything too memorable about his 6 month well visit.  He was crawling by this time.  We were concerned that we wasn’t eating food at this time, later to find out he had a few food allergies.

Weight: 17 LBS 15 OZS

Height: 26 Inches

9 Months – March

10817574_1587861284760128_1280086028_nThe 9-month well visit is the best, yet the worst waste of time.  You basically just go in to get a weight, height and head measure.  You of course can ask any questions to your child’s pediatrician at this time, but if you are like me, you call the nurse often (yes, I am “that” mom).  He was pretty healthy and the doctor was annoying, not our normal doctor (there are many at this practice) so I kind of rushed to leave without asking really any questions.

Weight: 19 LBS 8 OZ  40%

Height: 2 FT 4.3 IN  30%


IMG_2417We made it!  Our little man will be 1-year-old in a few short days, so he had his well visit today (we have to go back for shots after he is officially one, boo!).  This appointment seemed to take FOREVER!  From the time arriving to the moment we left the parking lot, it was a total of 2 hours, way too long for me!  I filled out all of the questionnaires about what he is doing, how he is progressing and any symptoms/health issues he has or family members have.  I hate the questions that are on these questionnaires, it makes me overthink everything!  I over analyze both of my kids since my degree focuses on child development, drives me nuts.

Weight: 20 LBS 8 OZ 30%

Height: 2 FT 5 IN 20% (short little guy takes after me)

Our baby boy is happy, healthy and progressing meeting his milestones.  I am in NO RUSH for him to walk (although I think that time is VERY NEAR).

Thanks for stopping by!


What questions have you asked at your baby’s well visits?  How did/do you keep track of progression your baby has?

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