Due Date Determination

fat 4So your pregnant, the doctor confirms that your little nugget is growing and your DUE DATE.  That due date, the magical date when your baby WILL be born.

“You’ll go before your due date”, “You won’t make it to your due date”, “I am going to do everything to get this baby out before my due date”…all too familiar to me.

Due dates are kind of funny to me.  I feel like RARELY babies come on their due dates which if one goes past their due date leads to anxiety, feeling of failure, disappointment and sorrow.  Or on the flipside the baby comes before your due date which you were not prepared for.

fat 2With my first baby I went past my due date, only by a day but it was still AWFUL!  I was home for the summer since I was a teacher.  It happened to be the first summer when I was not working, which I thought would be wonderful, but in all reality it was torture.  I cleaned, prepared and cleaned some more.  I relaxed and tried to rest, but let’s face it, that first baby anticipation is just beyond belief!  I literally had to shut the nursery door because it was too hard for me to even look at it without her in it.  Picture this, me laying in my bed sobbing with the comforter over my head all because my baby had not arrived yet.  I think I may have had the “baby blues” the two weeks prior to our baby girl’s arrival.

Now, I know what everyone tells you, “the baby will come when they are ready.”  REALLY! WORST ADVICE EVER!

My advice for you:

Stay off of social media

I felt like EVERY time I got on social media as I was waiting for my baby girl to be born EVERYONE who was pregnant would have had their baby, this would infuriate me!

I hated when people would say to me, “when is that baby going to come” or “Didn’t you have that baby yet!?”  I would want to SCREAM at them I DON’T KNOW, I WANT THIS BABY OUT OF ME YOU HAVE NO IDEA!

Spend time with your significant other

I absolutely LOVE being a little family of 4, but I sometimes do miss the time that Justin and I got to spend together outside of the house without paying for a sitter or finding a family member to watch our kids.

The time just you and him/her is going to be significantly different.  The time after the baby is sleeping, you will be catching up on housework, sleep, and everything else you need to do.  It will get easier as time goes on, but the first few months the moments with your significant other will be few and far from what it was before that precious bundle arrived, SO my advice is to take advantage of just talking, snuggling, going to the movies, just spending time with one another alone.

Go shopping!

Your shopping days will be MUCH more difficult when that baby arrives. Shopping is something that I took for granted.  It adds a whole new element when you have to buckle car seats, stop to nurse, plan around nap times, etc.  SO GO SHOPPING!  Shopping is fun and retail therapy gets you on your feet (maybe a labor inducer?) and helps to pass the time.

Go out to dinner

Going out to dinner is a task with a little babe, so take advantage of going to a sit down restaurant, better yet, go to ones that are more upscale and with the “adult” atmosphere.  EAT, EAT, EAT!  You are only going to be pregnant for a little longer, so why not take advantage of “eating for two”?

Spend time with friends

If this is your first baby, you are SO excited, but your life is about to change as you know.  It will be A LOT harder to see your friends, unless they are as great as mine and will come to you in most cases.  You will have to miss things with your friends do to wanting to stay home with your baby and the responsibility, so take that time now!  I loved the weeks leading up to the arrival of Emersyn.  My friends and I would go out to eat, go shopping; basically just take advantage of the time you have with them and hey, it helps pass the time and keeps your mind off of t


Sleep, take naps, sleep in, lay in bed – just REST!  I know everyone says to do this, but really your laying around days are going to quickly be over.  Although I really do not mind waking up with my two angels, I do miss the days of just laying around watching my shows or deciding to stay in bed a few extra hours.   So be LAZY, lay in bed or on the couch.  Veg out and SLEEP.


Yes, you should tell people when you are due, but DO NOT give them an exact date, the beginning of May, the middle of May, or the end of May will work JUST FINE!  People will be texting, calling, asking you a few days leading up to the due date creating tension for you without meaning to.

But Really…

When that precious baby arrives, none of these things will matter.  You will want to spend ALL of your time holding and loving on that little gift. The baby WILL come out eventually, even though it seems like the baby will NEVER arrive.  You will survive, you will hold your precious angel VERY soon, and your life will FOREVER be change in the best way possible.

Do what you want in trying those “induce your labor right now” tricks – which NONE of them worked for me, but at least I killed some time trying!

Thanks for stopping by!  Stay tuned for the differences between the first and second baby arrival.


Were you anxious for your first child to come?  Were you as anxious for your second baby to arrive?

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