Lifes Littlest Luxuries

222I ALWAYS dreamed of having a big family with LOTS of kids.  I used to say at least 5.  Well, after actually having kids, I can see having one or two more, but lots of things change when adding just one more life to take care of to the mix.

The first time I took both kids solo to the grocery store was an experience to say the least.  I wasn’t seasoned and I guess should’ve asked for more advice.  I put Emersyn in the big part of the cart and put the car seat with Lincoln at the top (I now know you are not supposed to put the car seat at the top). Well, I am on the short side so seeing over the car seat is impossible.  I went on my merry-way throwing items in the cart until a little old man walked by and started laughing as he stared at my quiet two-year-old.  I slowly walked around the cart and discovered Emersyn had unwrapped two of the four sticks of butter and was squeezing them in her fingers! AHHHH what a mess, but I guess good texture activity right?

I compiled a list of differences I have discovered after experiencing one and two children.

shoppingWith one you use a regular shopping cart, with two you need a MEGA cart or car cart (still huge and hard to maneuver).  Emersyn personally LOVES MEGA carts, she calls them, “big girl carts”.  She won’t allow me to strap her in.  So when we are at places like Target, she can easily ride and jump off to check everything out.

22With one you can take your little one to the park and play.  I still take both kids to the park alone but it just adds a little to the fun.  Emersyn wants me to climb, slide, and be a kid just like her, but with two, Lincoln has to spend time in his stroller watching us.  This experience will soon change as he gets old enough to climb, slide and want me to be involved in what he’s doing, I’m ready! (Maybe!)

With one you get to make one meal and YOU get to eat too!  Now Lincoln is still selective in what he can handle since he is still so young and he also has some food allergies, so my experience with this might be a bit different than others with more than one kiddo.  Em has opinions, whereas Link eats what I give him. I swear as SOON as I sit down, one of them needs something.    On the positive side, it keeps my calorie intake down!

With one you still have 3x’s the laundry, but one more is that much more laundry (it is seriously NEVER ENDING!)  I don’t know about you but I DISPISE laundry.  I feel like I can NEVER catch up, especially with little ones who are constantly getting dirty and needing multiple outfits throughout the day.

With one running errands is fairly easy.  Basically adding one more child to get in and out takes that extra time that causes you to ask yourself if the errands are totally necessary.  I think of it as exercise-stretch, lift, stretch, lift!  This JUST happened to me the other day.  We had a “free” day and after we completed errands, I suggested that we go to Chuck E Cheese’s, of course my two-year-old agreed.  So, I parked and loaded both kids out of the car, stroller, 2x’s kids, diaper bag and Emersyn’s purse.  We talked up to the door an ugh, it was CLOSED for another 15 minutes!  I took a deep breath and loaded the kids back into the car, ran one more errand and returned to Chuck E Cheese’s as promised.  Again, what good exercise!

night nightWith one bedtime is magical.  You can spend as much time as you please reading, talking, singing without interruptions.  We (my husband and I) sort of have a tag team approach with our kids at this point since I am still nursing and it is harder for him to put Lincoln to bed for that reason, so most nights he puts Emersyn to bed while I do Lincoln.  When I have to do bed time alone, I have a system for that as well.  I bath them per usual and Lincoln is first to be “processed.  I get him out of the tub, as Em plays.  I get him ready right outside the bathroom as I talk to Em, making sure she is safe.  I them put Link in his crib to play for a few minutes as I process Em.  I them allow Em to watch TV in our bedroom as I nurse, sing, read and tuck Link in.  I then get Em in bed, wow am I ready for bed after this!   I know this will change as they get older, we will be able to spend time as a family reading, singing and preparing for bed with a joined routine, but as of right now with the developmental age gap, it has to be separate.

With one, bath time involves 2-hands.  With two in the tub, a mom could really stand to have at least 4-hands!  Now that Link is crawling, he loves to move around in the tub.  For this reason, the tub water is VERY low!

2Life is fun with kids.  I love the challenges and embrace the learning experience that every day brings as my kids grow and change.  Having more than one can be a little more

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How has your life changed with adding kids to your family? 

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