5 Money Saving Tips For Disney

Incredible disneyJustin is a penny pincher and I am a stay-at-home-mom, so going to Disney World is a task.  One thing that I treasure is all of the family vacations that my parents took my sisters and I on throughout our lives.  I want to provide the same for our kids, trying to make every penny count so we can take multiple trips.

Now I realize that a Disney vacation does not come cheap, but there are ways to save a few dollars here and there.  It does take a little planning, but it is worth it.

Here are 5 ways that we are saving money on our Disney Vaca…

1. Pack Food –

Did you know that you can bring drinks and food into Disney World?  I was shocked to learn this!  When we went a few years ago we brought in water, diet coke, string cheese, crackers and other snacks.  We ended up spending $20 at the Magic Kingdom on food, which in my opinion was great!  This time we are planning to purchase snacks and breakfast.  I am not a huge breakfast eater, so really if we go out to breakfast it is NEVER worth it for me.  The plan is to eat fruit, breakfast bars, string cheese, etc. for breakfast.  We will bring snacks and drinks with us as well.

2. Drive –

Yes, I realize this may not work for all families, but we have decided to drive our family of 4 down I-75 to FL.  We are going to make a trip of it!  My sister and brother-in-law live in South Carolina, so the plan is to stop there for a few days and from there head to Florida.  This is going to save us money since we would have to purchase 3 plane tickets and we are taking 2 trips in one.

3. Buy “souvenirs” before –

I have read TONS of Blogs about Disney advice and will continue to do so, but the one thing that many of them say to purchase souvenirs before the trip.  I have already started to collect things (let’s hope they all fit when it comes time to go!).  I will purchase Emersyn a princess dress from the Disney Collection at JCPenney.  I will also hit up the $1 spot at Target and The Dollar Tree in search of Disney themed items.  I have already purchased Disney sippy cups from the Disney store when they were on sale and glow sticks for the light parades.  The plan is to give them Disney themed presents throughout the drive down in order to keep them busy and excited.

4. Disney Gift Cards –

There are a few ways to “save” by buying Disney gift cards ahead of time.  First of all, we are mentioning to all of our families who would like to purchase a gift for our kids for their birthdays to simply get them a Disney gift card (we have SO many toys, those are not needed).  They will be able to use this for treats, souvenirs, etc. while there.  Also, you can get fuel points at Kroger when you buy gift cards and guess what, they have Disney ones!

5. Go when your kids are under 3 –

Tickets are FREE when you are under the age of 3! People thought we were crazy for taking Emersyn to Disney when she was 18 months, but honestly it was awesome.  She may not fully remember it, but what a special time for us to enjoy and she didn’t cost a thing (other than food).

MinnieWe have already been to Disney once with Emersyn when she was 18 months old.  We flew (she was free!), we stayed off-site, went during an “off” season, and flew into Tampa.  I will explain that trip and how we spent around $1,500 on the entire trip!  Stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by!

~Kelsey Padgett~

What questions do you have about our trip?  What advice do you have for my family?

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