Showering Baby

11156123_10100314239804782_7562148281313069291_nMy sister Bethany is having a baby girl, the 4th baby girl to add to the mix of cousins and we are SO excited.  I was the lucky one who got to take part in throwing her a baby shower this past weekend.  I absolutely LOVE to throw parties.  Making decorations, preparing games, and contemplating ideas as to how to set the “scene” in order to all to enjoy is one of my favorite hobbies.  Since I left the classroom I do not have as many opportunities to let my creative side unleash, so showers, birthdays, etc. give me just that!

From the moment I found out that my sister was going to have her first baby back in October, I started “pinning” ideas on Pinterest.  There are endless ideas on ways to throw the perfect shower.  There are games (some more our style than others), color schemes, decoration ideas, fancy gift wrapping ideas – the ideas are seriously ENDLESS!

So here is what Bethany’s shower looked like…

IMG_1728I made wine bottle decorations for the tables.  These were also used as gifts for guests who won the game that was played.  I followed her color scheme, grey and teal.  I made sure to have her pick out her favorite one to keep as a keepsake of this very special celebration for her baby girl.

IMG_1797My mom and I ordered a cake from Costco, per Bethany’s request.  We again followed her color scheme.  I was elated on how easy the process of ordering a cake from Costco is.  You don’t even have to talk to anyone.  You literally fill out a form that them have out in the bakery area and drop it in a drop box.  Picking it up is just as easy.  They place it out in the bakery area, you just take the one you ordered, take it up to the front and pay for it!  the price is awesome as well. The cake was DELICIOUS!  There were only 3 pieces left! I will be ordering more of these cakes in the future.


I am not much for shower games, but one or two simple games can be fun.  I knew that Bethany would not want her belly measured, people would  not want to smell chocolate smeared in diapers, so I found a few games that seemed interesting and not too crazy. The one game that I decided to play was “BABY SHOWER”.  I purchased 10 white bags and silver glitter letters from Michaels.  Within each bag was a gift for Bethany that corresponded with each letter.  We played this game while we waited for our food to be prepared.  I handed out a paper to each guest with the letters “BABYSHOWER” and a spot for them to write what they thought was in each bag.  The people who won were able to pick a wine bottle that were mentioned above.

B – Booby Cream

A – Aspirator

B – Bows

Y – Yellow ducky

S – Sophie The Giraffe

H – Hangers

O – Onesies

W – WubbaNub

E – Elephant toy (I found a teether and stuffed animal)

R – Rattles

IMG_1789We decided to make chocolate covered  popcorn for all of the guests.  It was SO easy to make.  We used air pop and made lots of popcorn.  We then boiled white chocolate, added teal dye and drizzled it over the popcorn.  The trick is to let it dry before putting it into baggies.  We purchased the baggies, teal ribbon and baby feet tags at Michaels.  It was the perfect touch to place at each place setting.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy it.

A few other things that I did in order to make the shower special :

IMG_1788Oh, Baby, the Places You’ll Go!  I had guests sign it and/or leave a little note.  It is a great keepsake for the baby to keep.

Guess the baby’s arrival – I printed out a calendar and if a guest wanted to, they could pay $1, pick a date that they believe the baby would arrive.  The money was given to Bethany to use towards food for her and her husband Brett the week that the baby arrived so that they did not have to worry about a meal at least one night.  I am going to send a $25 gift card to the winner after the baby arrives.

IMG_1820One last thing that I did was make a letter of the baby’s name “Kamryn” along with a diaper cake in the colors that her room was decorated -teal and grey.  I sewed a nursing cover (the bottom of the diaper cake) in these colors as well. The “K” will make for great décor in the baby’s room and they both added décor to the shower.

IMG_1816Baby showers are so much fun!  I enjoyed making this special for my sister and hope she enjoyed every second of it!

What are some fun things you have done at baby showers?  What made your baby shower special?

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