My “Person”

I watch A LOT of Grey’s Anatomy, literally- EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! I put my ear buds in and turn Netflix on, picking Grey’s Anatomy.  I have tried other shows, but I just can’t get enough.  This routine has gone on for several years – I know, Netflix has SO much more to offer!

Anyways to get back to my topic of “My “Person””.  For any of you that tune into this series, you know what I am referring to- Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang’s relationship.  They have a bond and relationship where they understand each other in a way that NO ONE else can.  They know how the other one feels in every situation before they even say a word.   Well, I have this type of person in my life and I recently realized it.

298092_10100306444305168_2549328_nMy “person” is a person who I met in college.  I don’t know exactly when our bond began, but we shared many common bonds when we met.  We were both in the same sorority, enjoyed the same activities, and hung out with all the same people.  This bond only grew as we graduated and moved away without us even appreciating it.

539065_10100935847186748_374551847_nJust as in Grey’s Anatomy, our lives are different.  She decided to follow her dreams- move away and become a NICU nurse, I am of course over joyed and proud of her, but at the same time, me being selfish, wish her dreams involved staying closer to me.  Where as my dreams differ- I started a family, stay at home with my kids and am currently pursuing a degree that I will one day use.

Her and I are not easily understood by others, but by  each other 100%.   Sometimes we care TOO MUCH and that has a negative impact of what others perceive.  When she is upset, I know that sometimes just giving her space is the best option, I am the same exact way.  We know that the other one cares and will be there when and if we need to talk.

486929_518523961491649_1603168896_nShe loves my kids unconditionally.  She understands that I choose to be a mom at this point in my life and although it makes it hard for us to spend time together, she never for a second makes me feel like I made the wrong decision for making that choice.  She goes the extra mile, in most cases coming my way, knowing that it is more difficult for me to travel with the kids, I will repay the favor one day!

She has the kindest heart.  She never hesitates to stop by to bring me Starbuck’s after I’ve had a long week, even when her week has been a drag.  She always makes me feel good about myself.  She tells me like it is even if she has to speak the truth, I truly appreciate that, but she does it in such a way that I respect.

1931319_609576272318_315_nJust like Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang, we have had our fair share of “fallings out”, but we always seem to get back to “normal”.  There have been times where we don’t see eye-to-eye or feel angry at one another for one reason or another, yet it never stops us from growing closer and “getting over it”.

267459_10100276104885608_5246915_nShe is the person who I look up to.  She is the MOST caring person that I know.  .  She is the life of the party, the event planner, the fashionista, and the brains.  She is beautiful both inside and out.  Although our lives are at different stages, magically we still “get” each other.  She is my “person”, it just took her moving away for me to fully understand and realize it.

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