Easter Nests

IMG_1378With my birthday being the first day of spring that meant school birthday treats needed to be set-to-theme.  These are a delicious, fun and cute treat to make with your kids!

Here is what you need:

  • Shredded Wheat Cereal (about 6 or 7 squares)
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Baking Cups and/or waxed paper
  • Peanut Butter- 1 cup
  • Jelly Beans (or any candy egg shaped)
  • Vanilla Extract 1 tablespoon


How to:

  1. Put the whole bag of chocolate, peanut butter, and vanilla into a medium pot on the stove on low heat.
  2. Mix the ingredients, stirring frequently until mixture is melted.
  3. Shred Shredded Wheat squares and stir into the chocolate-peanut butter mixture. (You can add as many squares as you would like, but we usually add about 6 or 7)
  4. When Shredded Wheat is covered in chocolate-peanut butter mixture, remove from heat and place in a big bowl.
  5. You can either use baking cups or waxed paper to create “nests” *If you are doing this with kids, baking cups work really well.
  6. Put “eggs” in nest and let “dry”
  7. ENJOY!

*Note- I have a son with a peanut, wheat, dairy allergies, so next year when he could enjoy these, we will have to make tweaks to the recipe.  I have been thinking about how to still make these without using the ingredients that he is allergic to.  Instead of peanut butter I will use Sun Butter,  instead of Shredded Wheat I will use Rice Krispy’s, and I will make sure that I buy all nut free ingredients.  I would hate for him to miss out on this fun “baking” experience!

Thank you for stopping by!

*Kelsey Padgett*

What did you think?  Does your family have any Easter baking traditions?

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