Gender Games

I know that everyone just wants “a healthy baby”, but if we are all honest, we want a certain gender either to be dad’s pal to play sports, enjoy fishing, and play G.I. Joes or a girl to put in dance class, play dress up, and go shopping with; a mini-me of either gender, a best buddy, a built-in best friend.


When we found out we were expecting our first baby three years ago, we were elated!  Since I was one of three girls, and just found out my sister and brother-in-law was expecting their second precious princess, we thought FOR SURE our buddle would be a bouncing boy.  We were so convinced that our baby was going to a boy, we even went out and bought boy clothes!

The day came when we were able to find out the gender of our baby.  On the way there, my husband prayed to God that he would give us a little boy.  In the waiting room, we heard the couple before us cheer and my husband made another comment about how he will be doing that too if the ultra sound verifies a boy…

283597_10100890690226658_1846145754_nThe moment was here when the ultra sound tech asked, “do you want to know the gender?”  We both answered, “yes” in excitement.  The ultra sound tech excitedly stated, “It’s a girl!”

Now my husbands face, I will NEVER forget.  He had a fake smile as he shook his head nodding, trying not to look disappointed.  I was of course overjoyed, yet held back my excitement in respect for my husband.

b4da401cd50b11e18112123138100412_7Fast forward 20 weeks from that ultra sound, the day our Emersyn was born.  Our buddle was handed to us, tears welling up in both of our eyes, my husband’s heart was immediately stolen.  The thought of having that blue blanket left.

My husband has found over the two and half years of Emersyn’s life that he can share in all that she does.  Emersyn enjoys to fish, create forts, build with blocks, and do just about anything he enjoys.  He takes her on dates – which they both get insanely excited for and I am NOT allowed.


Recently my husband and I had a conversation about possibly a third child (we do have a boy).  I asked him IF we had a third what he would want, a boy or a girl, much to my surprise he said GIRL!  Oh the things kids change!

My point is, the gender of a baby may seem to matter before one actually has a baby, but as soon as the baby is born, those feelings fade 100%.  You can and will enjoy WHATEVER activities you and your child share in together.

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