Happy Birthday Dad, My Gift to You…

As we get older, gifts seem to be harder to give due to the fact that we don’t “need” more clutter.  I, personally appreciate a good card, phone call, or time spent with someone as a birthday present.  Don’t get me wrong, I also like a fun gift here and there, but those from the heart mean the most.

Today is the first man in my life’s birthday.  I have two gifts for him this year…

One, a grandson.  After living in a house raising three girls, along with your lovely wife, you finally got a man to watch baseball games with, go fishing with, and do manly things together, not that you mind or minded being surrounded by daughters and granddaughters.  You are such a fun-loving Papa!


The next gift I have for you is my husband.  First of all, I allowed you to take a trip together to Las Vegas without me, during MY birthday month.  He is the fishing partner you always wanted.  Going out in the S.S. Minnow together for endless hours while I take care of the kids, happy birthday!

dad 7But really Dad, you are a great gift to me.  The memories that I have from my childhood are special.  You always made vacations extremely memorable.  Holidays were ones for the books, leaving Santa’s bag on the roof, Santa’s beard caught in the door, reindeer hoof marks in the snow, I don’t even remember the gifts, but the ideas you had (you didn’t even have Pinterest to find ideas!).  You successfully raised three girls, who all have college degrees, all have successful and loving husbands, and who all want to be a part of your life.

dad 6Thank you for being such a great father and friend to Justin, he truly looks up to you.  I can not wait for you to take Lincoln to his first Tigers game!

dadHAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD, Enjoy the sunshine today!

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