Two Years Closer to 3-0

Today is my 28th birthday and the first day of spring (I am super excited for the sun and warmth), let’s celebrate!  I feel young when my actual age is not attached to me.  I know some of you are thinking 28 is young, but it is two years closer to 30 (ahh!!).  I am blessed to have the experiences that I have had up until this point in my life.  Reflecting and reminiscing is one of my favorite past times, I have so many extraordinary memories!

My 20’s have been life changing and one for the books!

10639643_10102591305704608_2579461371213476428_nI started out my 20’s at Central Michigan University.  After spending a dreadful year at home, living with my parents and attending the local community college (it really wasn’t THAT bad), I was off to CMU to experience the college life. Going away to college, joining a sorority, and living on my own truly set me up for success as a professional.  Although I did not get the best grades, I got through and completed my teaching degree.  Fire Up Chips!

I met some lifelong friends in my 20’s, whom have become my best friends.  I joined a sorority, Sigma Kappa, where I met friends who got me through some of the hard times and also shared in almost all of my best memories in my 20’s.  I met some other great women as I worked in two different schools.  I NEED friends, they keep me sane, friends make me happy!


I met my husband in my 20’s.  Oh and I also married him in my 20’s!  What a guy.  He is a fun loving, analytical, outdoorsy, adventure planning, wonderful husband and daddy.  The memories that we have shared in the “short” time we have been together are ones that I can not explain.

I gained a brother-in-law in my 20’s.  B-Unit was a great addition to our family in 2013.  My husband said it the best after hanging out with another guy, “He’s no Brett Bauman.”  My sister found the man of her dreams, he completes her, what more can a sister ask for?1009843_10101638071408778_1419554218_n


I became an aunt in my 20’s.  Being an aunt is something unexplainable.  The baby is not yours, yet you take ownership of them as your own.  Princess Annabelle made me an Aunt and a God Mother, my only wish is that she lived closer.


I had my first baby in my 20’s.  This tops the “best things that happened in my 20’s” list.  I always dreamed of having babies, I love kids.  Emersyn came into our lives in 2012.  I have enjoyed just about every minute of my time spent with her (of course not when she throws a fit, even though sometimes those make me laugh).  I also had a son in my 20’s.  Becoming a mother to two has been life-changing.  I get to spend each day with these two, happy birthday to me!

I moved to 6 different cities in my 20’s.  Moving is my least favorite thing to do, luckily during a few of these moves I was pregnant and unable to lift anything (yay for me!)  I lived in Saginaw, Mount Pleasant, Detroit, Ferndale, Royal Oak, and currently Lansing.  I have to say, Royal Oak comes out on top of my “favorite places to live”.

224557_10101028626546168_347480662_nI had my first “real” job in my 20’s.  Now my first “real” job as a teacher was difficult, but I learned SO much.  I taught in a school where I was paid very little, had no support, and the children came from families where education was not the priority.  I loved teaching these kids and like I said, I learned a great deal.  I only taught in this school for a short time, one school year to be exact, but in this short time, I gained a best friend, who was also a teacher at this school for one year.  Everything happens for a reason, right?  The following two years I taught in an AMAZING school!  I loved the friends I gained and the students who made me grow as an educator.

Happy Birthday to me , I have two years left to make my 20’s even more memorable!

What was your most memorable age?  How do you make each year special?

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